Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Family Reunion 2010

This past weekend we had our annual Palmer Family Reunion! This is all of my Nana's side of the family and it is always something I look forward to!! It is so fun to see all of my cousins and catch up on what is going on in their lives!
We left out on Friday afternoon/night to head to Lake Guntersville, near Huntsville, to meet up with Mom and Dad, who had been there already for a day! Dirt, my brother in law, was so excited about taking the Jeep, which is his pride and joy and it is so very nice and so fun, with top down all the way up there! And me and Louise, knowing what submissive women we are agreed happily! :) (LOL) We loaded up our jackets and headed north! About when we got to Clanton we started smelling rain, you know the smell rain has! Me and Louise just looked at each other....little further down the road we started seeing lightning! I could see the boys snickering in the front seats and me and Louise just kept on smiling....little bit longer and my brother in law turns around and ask if we want to wait it out...well in true Walker fashion, Louise shoots back with " Well no, it could rain all night!" So we stopped to get gas and while there the boys pulled the soft top over, so we were a little sheltered but still had no windows or doors :) But Louise and I just smiled and scooted close to each other and sang our little hearts out to Cornerstone! :)
It only rained for about 20 minutes maybe and then is was smooth sailing from there! Made it to the Chalae about 10:15pm and the boys were headed out to bow fish. From what I hear Dad was pretty stinkin excited about going fishing and Dirt bringing the boat! :) They had a pretty exciting night too...maybe one day we can blog about that but I just feel like that is a story that Dirt and Nathan must tell in person...wouldn't do it justice to blog it! :) But Saturday it rained and we got some good visiting time with the cousins and Mom. :) These are a few of my pics from the family reunion! The little girl is Hollie, my little cousin! She is so fun and I REALLY hope Louise post the videos of her talking about Ellie! :) TOO CUTE! :)

This is me and Brice! He is absolutely precious!! I just love his little face!
Me and Nate....It was absolutely beautiful up there!
I just thought this was a precious picture. Like father like son...with balding anyways! :)

Shannon and Darl! Darl is out cousin who was diagnosed with lymphoma and has recently had a stem cell transplnat and he looked amazing! It was so wonderful to see him!

This is generation #4 of the Palmers! (Missing a couple of course!)

Oldest and Youngest....taken every year!
Nana and her 2 sisters. Papa is the only spouse still alive.

Our "Copeland" side of the family

Me and Hollie :) Love this girl!

Me, Aunt Harriet, and my dad :)

Hollie saying "CHEEEEESSSSEEE" :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Situation.....

Well I have officially started my braces process! And boy has it been a heck of a week! Last Wednesday I went for my appt to have 2 (of the 4 TEETH I HAVE TO HAVE REMOVED) teeth pulled. I was very VERY nervous about all of this. I went to the Dr. with Michelle, who bless her heart didn't know what she was getting her self into with me...I wasn't really sure how long it would take but when I asked the dental hygienist that was helping she said, "oh, maybe 10-15 minutes max!", which I was glad of bc Michelle had taken off to take me. (Laurie and Louise both offered but Louise was leaving to go out of town this week and Laurie had a Dr. appt in Anniston and she needed to rest so Michelle was more than willing to help!) Well 2 hours after she had told me that I was done. He told me I would be sore because my teeth were in there good....(I must insert that it was here that I said....well you idiot teeth that have been in my bone for 25 YEARS ARE NOT MEANT TO COME OUT!! I think that was part of God's plan right?!?) But anyways, I bit my numb tongue and just smiled, as much as I could since I was numb to my ear on my left side.
SO Michelle stopped and filled my pain medication and then took me to the house. I was a little emotional and just cried when I talked to Nate on the phone after I left. I was in NO pain at that point because I was still so numb which was great but I guess I just dreaded the numbness wearing off! And boy was I right!! I was absolutely miserable! And Have been up until last night when I finally found some good stuff to make the pain go away and BOY DID IT WORK! I will be doing that little diddy from now on! :)
So next appt is on the 24th of this month....hopefully it wont be as bad but I am so dreading not being able to chew on either side...I know I will be happy with the end result but man I am so not happy with it right now. So I guess as I continue to update "the situation" I just ask for your prayers during all of this....I am very nervous and to be honest probably more vain than anything else.
But hopefully within the next month my mouth will look like this:

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Things that annoy me....

  1. I can not stand for people to beat around the bush about things....especially when it comes to my love life or work life....when I ask your opinion please tell me the truth and do not use examples of other people to try to subtly get the point across...THAT DRIVES ME CRAZY!
  2. IF you hired me to do my job, please do not try to do it for me...That is what you pay me for....also if you are not in my job PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO TELL ME HOW TO DO IT! You do not know because you have never done it!

Is it possible to just fast forward through the next 2-3 years and not have to deal with all this crap anymore?!?!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Hard to believe it's been 3 years that I have had a brother! :) And a wonderful example of a Christian marriage and how a marriage should be. It has been nice having a sister that is such a great example of what a Christian wife and woman should be. We had a great example growing up! And on top of that she is going to be an AMAZING MOTHER! Ellie is in for treat with Louise and Dirt! (And of course getting me and Laurie as Aunts makes YOU EXTRA SPECIAL!!) And well Dirt is a good man....especially dealing with Laurie and I. :) We aren't the easiest people to always get along with and he has done well! He is a good man to Louise and is going to be an amazing Daddy to baby Ellie :) These are a few pictures that I love from the wedding!

This was one of my favorites!
And I just don't think these next 2 could've turned out any cuter! I LOVE THEM!

That smile I just love....pure innocent love.... :)
Happy Anniversary Louise and Dirt!!! I wish you many more!!! Love you!