Friday, January 28, 2011

As I approach a busy weekend....

I am getting so extremely excited about my cousin Jordan's wedding tonight!! I am excited to see what his wifey-to-be has done with their wedding and maybe it will give me some inspiration!
Can you tell I am not very creative......let me ask you all my blogger friends...what would you do for your wedding? How would you decorate? For those of you married what have you done or what would you do different? :) Interested to hear what you all say!
I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!! I will be back on Monday to report how everything was and with pictures hopefully!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Does it ever slow down??

That is definitely a NO in my little world! This past weekend we had Jewels and Jocks. (Which for those of you that don't know it's a youth rally put on by Faulkner or AKA me and Erin my co worker! :) And this year we opened it up to guys and girls where in the past it's just been open to girls.) So needless to say my week last week was HECTIC! With late registrations, trying to get more t-shirts ordered and trying to keep my sanity, it was a very long weekend. Great weekend but long non the less! :)
Now I get to start on to camp counselors. YAY...not. I need a break, a long long vacation! Is there one in my near future, well not the near but there is in my future! :) Praise for 2 whole weeks off in August. I feel they are well deserved! :)
I am pretty stinkin excited about my next 2 weekends. This weekend I am traveling to Nashville, TN to see my cousin get married. He got engaged a few weeks before me and is getting married 7 months before me.....he and his fiance' had the right idea! :) Then next weekend I am headed up to St. Louis, MO for the weekend to see my pregnant, beautiful, bestest friend in the whole wide world! She is flying in from Germany this weekend to stay at her in-laws for a week then her parents and I will meet her up there and go to a baby shower for her and then bring her back to good ole Alabama for a whole month! Man I have missed her and oh how I am so excited for baby Cale to get here! He is going to be so spoiled! Aunt Leigh Leigh already has bags full of goodies for this little boy. Already he has my little heart. So needless to say I am pretty excited.
But for now I must concentrate on getting all these kids accepted and getting camp counselors up and rolling. Oh and somewhere in all this mess I must get on with planning my wedding, but I guess hey I work the best under pressure so it looks like I still have a couple of months to put that to the back burner! HA! :) Hope everyone has a good week!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Have I mentioned lately......

How incredibly excited I am to be marrying this man???

He really is so super good to me. And I just love his face and cannot wait to be his wife....after listening to some of our wedding music our friends are recording for us this morning, it just ignited that excited once more about marrying my best friend. :) I just love him. That is all.

Friday, January 7, 2011


My Videographer........


I think this picture is precious and I was there for it so I thought it was fitting!

Kimberly has just recently picked up videography and man is she just amazing. I met her through my sister. And I just thought she was the absolute sweetest person ever. And on her wedding day, that I need to add was outside, it started pouring down raining and she kept a smile the entire time....I don't know if I could've been that strong but she did and she made the whole day fun regardless of the rain! She is an amazing woman and I am so excited that she will be doing my video. A wise woman once told me that the one thing she regretted not having at her wedding was a professional videographer, so I took her advice and Kimberly was just the girl I wanted. I couldn't be more excited that Kimberly will be at my wedding much less that she will be there to document each moment. :)

Have I mentioned that I am so excited about marrying my man? :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Welcome 2011....Goodbye 2010

Well it's hard for me to believe that 2011 is here....but before I get into my 2011 I would like to reflect on what a great year 2010 was!
  • My sweet Ellie was born. I knew that she would hold a special place in my heart but I had no clue how that one little precious girl would change my whole life! They say children change your whole outlook on life and I am sure all parents feel that way but nieces definitely made me think a whole lot differently! And I think my heart grew 2 sizes bigger September 16! :)
  • I got engaged! My sweet Nate purposed to me on 10-10-10....I will never forget that! And I stare at my ring everyday! He picked it out all by himself and I honestly couldn't be any happier! It is absolutely perfect. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him and August 27th can't get here quick enough!
  • I bought my wedding dress. AND picked out bridesmaid dresses.....they weren't picked out til December 27th but hey better late then never! :)
  • Laurie made one of the best decisions of her life! She donated her kidney to our friend and now family, Janet. I can't tell you how many people have told her what a good deed that was but said that they would have never done it. After seeing all the love and outpouring of thankfulness I can't imagine Laurie not have doing. Seeing Janet everyday makes me so very thankful for such an amazing, inspiring, big hearted, and loving big sister I have. She really is the best!
  • I found out that Laurie, Louise, and myself have the BEST church family around....between the surgery and Ellie being born....they stepped up BIG time. We are closer with a lot of people that we would've never gotten the opportunity to be close with provided Laurie didn't have the surgery and Louise had Ellie! :)
  • I did the thing that I have been wanting to do and dreading doing all in the same.....I got braces. I couldn't be any happier about it and I can honestly see the changes happening and so can everyone else. I am so happy and I can't say enough words about how happy I am that Nate pushed me to do just buckle down and do it. He knew I wanted to get them done but I had my, vanity, etc. :) But he was behind me all the way and made some major sacrifices to help me get them done. He really does love me lots :)
  • I moved out of the last room I will ever have to myself. I will never be able to shut the door to my own room again....which in a way I can't wait for the next time I do I will be living with MY HUSBAND!! :) (That sound weird to anyone else?? :))
  • MY BEST FRIEND FOUND OUT SHE IS PREGNANT AND I AM SO EXCITED!!! SHE ALSO FOUND OUT IT'S A LITTLE BOY!!! I know this little boy will have Aunt Leigh-Leigh wrapped around his fingers. :)
  • I am much more thankful for my family and friends than I ever have been! They are truly amazing!
  • I honestly couldn't be happier with my job at the present moment....I know that hasn't been the tune I have been singing in the past but since I have gotten my new area I honestly can say I have renewed my love for this job. It really isn't as bad as I thought. :)

Now on to 2011.....

This year didn't exactly start out like I wanted it blowing up on the side of the road on our way back from GA new years day after my lovely fiance' begged me not to take it, work stress, and wedding stress....well let's just say the first 5 days of this year haven't been spectacular by any stretch! But it can only go up from here! So here are come things that I am REALLY looking forward too!

  • I will get a 2 week vacation for the wedding and honeymoon and honestly that WHOLE week with just me and Nate is what gets me through a lot of the long days! I can't wait to turn off all phones and have no communication for a WHOLE 7 DAYS!!!! :)
  • My sweet Ellie will be turning 1 September 16th, 2011. That is hard for me to believe!!!
  • My little Morgan is growing like a weed....every time I see her she says something new and she is at least an inch taller. I love how she will run up and without being prompted will say she has missed me....and she says I love you so good now. :(/:) It's bittersweet for me. I just love her. I tell her she is what helped prepare me for my sweet Ellie. And she LOVES Ellie and is so sweet with her.
  • Laurie is heading into her 3rd month of day shift working....can I tell you what an answered prayer it was for her to get her job at Wilson & Wilson?? She absolutely loves it and she is happier than she has been in years. It is crazy how a job really affects your life and everyone else's around you also. I couldn't be happier for her!
  • Louise is a stay-at-home-mom/nanny :) Have I mentioned what a good mommy she is? She has the patience of Job and really is such a great example for me and really soo many around her. Ellie is one lucky lucky girl! (Besides the fact that she has the best Aunts in the whole wide world! :))
  • My best friend will have her baby this year....sweet Cale Mason Allen will make his arrival, hopefully, in May and I cannot wait to be able to hold and kiss his sweet face come August. :)
  • One of my very best friends is moving back to the states after being in England for 3 years!!! I absolutely can't wait to have Ashley, Daniel, Charley, and Colin back in the states where I can drive to see them anytime I want!! :)

Ok so now that you have a total recap of my 2010....or well the most exciting parts, and my excitement of 2011 I will leave you with it! Sorry for boring you! But maybe you got a little insight to my crazy, exciting, stressful, and fun life! :)