Thursday, June 26, 2008

A couple of kiddo's and Biscuits

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A couple of kiddo's and Biscuits!

Well I figured I would update my blog before I headed out to Six Flags!! Tomorrow is Church of Christ day at Six Flags so all of Admissions goes to Atlanta the day before and stays the night there and then gets up early and gets to Six Flags early enough to get everything set up. So I will leave here today and be back tomorrow night!

Well 1st Mom and I successfully got Laurie and Daddy off Tuesday. They made it safely to Chicago, almost missed the flight, and then made it safely to Manilla. So please keep them in your prayers that everything will go ok while they are over there and that they will be safe!

But the main reason for my post was to let everyone know, that I have had the best/worse birth control experience! :) Now before you jump to conclusion, Laurie and I volunteered to babysit a couple's kids from church. It was a little boy who was 3 and a little girl who was almost 1 or very close to 1 yr. old. We got them about 6 pm on Saturday and we decided since the little boy LOVED fireworks, we would grin and bear and take them to a Biscuits game. Well Nathan was at the house so we suckered him into going and helping us too! So before she droped them off I jumped in the shower and got ready and then when I got ready Laurie got in the shower to get ready for the game. While we were switching off getting ready we had Nathan go and get food for the kiddos before we left for the game. So he got back and He and I tagged teamed the kids and fed them both so by the time Laurie got out and got ready we could load up the car and go! Well for all of you that don't know...2 carseats and 3 adults in a 5 seater car...well its a bit crowded! But nevertheless, we loaded everyone up and headed out to the ball field! It was amazing how well behaved these kids were there! The little girl was so happy the whole time and never cried at all while we were at the game! And the little boy sat in Nathan's lap most of the time and watched the game and was so stinkin good!! It was crazy!!! Well about the 7th inning, little Railyn (the little girl) tuckered out and fell asleep. So she slept out there for about another inning or so and Laurie decided that they would go sit in the car and she would watch the firecrackers from out there. So Peyton, Me, and Nathan all stayed and waited for the fireworks! Well in the 8th inning we were down 4 runs and what do you know we come back and tie it up!! Well this makes us go into extra innings, and well when you have been telling a 3 yr old that the fireworks are coming up for the past 3 innings, well its hard to explain what extra innings are to him!!! :) So finally the game got over and Peyton LOVED the fireworks!! He never took his eyes off them!!! So then we went to the car to find out that we were keeping both of them for the night...well at first I was like it won't be a major ordeal because Railyn was already asleep and surely it wouldn't take Peyton long to get asleep...but oh I was so wrong! We got home about 11:30pm and I went and put Railyn in my bed and I thought we would just watched Cars with Peyton and surely he would fall asleep. Well, no he wanted his mommy...and of course it was almost midnight by now and I was dead set that if we could just get him to sleep he would be fine! So Nathan and I stayed up with him until nearly 3 am to get him to sleep and he finally fell asleep laying on me. So now all I had to do was move him off me so I could go back and sleep with Railyn. Well that didnt work so I got Nathan to go get Railyn and bring her in the living room where Peyton and I were laying on the couch bed. So she never woke up and just layed there. But about 5 minutes after he layed her down she started coughing. So I took her in with Nathan and about 10 minutes after I layed her down she stoppped coughing and everyone went to sleep. So at 7 that next morning I got up and took a shower and by the time I got out everyone was up and in the living room playing!! Railyn was just smiling and laughing and Peyton was even happy and not begging for mommy at this point! So I got dressed and Laurie and Nathan got the kids ready and then they got ready while I watched them. Then we all loaded back up and headed to church! And just in case you were wondering...oh yes we were ON TIME and had them in class and us in class by 9! Now that is impressive!!! But I came to a couple of conlcusions at the end of that day/night! And here they are:

  1. Those are 2 of the best kids!! I hope I am lucky enough to get that well behaved kids, but judging on how my mother always said I was going to pay for my raising...well it will be a miracle if I do!
  2. Sometimes you should listen when the little ones say they just want to talk to mommy, I think he would have gone to sleep faster if we would have just called and let him talk to his mommy before he went to bed.
  3. Mom's really do have a hard job raising kids...I mean dad's do also but mom's tend to get most of the grunt work. And I realize how lucky I am to have had such an AMAZING mom and dad!!!
  4. The last realization I came to is....I think I can wait to have kids for a few more years...I mean granted I should worry more about the marrying part first, but I think I enjoy just babysitting over night and giving them back to the mommy and daddy instead of keeping them! :) So the pics in the slide show are from the Biscuits game!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Weddings and Home

Well I figured I would update since Gin Gin is always writing me mean comments! =0)

Well it is still crazy bust here in Admissions at Faulkner. We are getting ready for College Bound this weekend and so everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off!! Its crazy here!! But while I have a minute I will update you on whats been going on.

I left last Tuesday afternoon heading home for my friend Brittany's wedding in Chattanooga. Nathan was here and so he rode with me home and I dropped him of at his house on the way to my house Tuesday night. I got home at about 11 pm Tuesday night and had a good nice long talk with mom. You know catching up and just talking about life in general!! really opened my eyes to alot!! its amazing the older you get the more your parents really do know!! =0) LOL But I got to sleep in Wednesday and then me and mom got up and we went to the mall and to meet the bride to get our nails and toes done! It is so much fun being pampered!!! I wish I was rich and could do that all the time!!! But then after nails, it was church time and walmart with Daddy! And well its always fun times with momma, daddy and walmart! =0) Thursday was a pretty lazy day with the exception of getting ready for the rehearsal dinner. I ate lunch with momma and daddy at Brock's and it was really good!! Then got ready and headed towards Ootlewah, TN. On my way there I realized that the car I had rented, had a cracked windshield!!! Needless to say I had a good cry before I got there bc I just don't have the money to replace a new windshield. But as with everything else, it will pass and things will be ok! Friday was the wedding and it went GREAT!!! It was pretty and short with was great considering it was outside!! Nathan met me at the wedding so that was fun!! he deifnitely gets points for just coming to the wedding just because I was in it! After the wedding was over we went to his house for the weekend. It was so much fun!!! Friday night, after the wedding, we met some of his friends and had a bonfire for a little bit but I was exhausted so we didnt stay long there. Saturday was pretty lazy day, didnt really do much except wash his mom's car. That night we all loaded up and went and saw Iron Man and it was really good!! Sunday was church and then we took his sister out to Camp Wetoga and while we were there I got to check up on my camp counselors! So it was fun!!! All in all it was a great weekend!!! The pics are from the wedding! =0)

(The first one is with me and Britt, the bride, and the 2nd and 3rd are of Me and Nathan. )