Thursday, May 29, 2008

Busy Time of Year!!!

Ok for all of you who have been leaving me ugly comments here is an updated blog!!! =) (Laurie and Gin-Gin mainly!) Well since I last blogged...well a lot has gone on! Lets and Laurie have been to A LOT more baseball games and I have been super busy with work!! It is crazy here trying to get all my prospective students to sign up for college bound I & II. You would think it is simple and all you have to do is get online and fill out a form but you would think I was asking them to give me a blood sample!! It is like pulling teeth getting them to cooperate...and I just keep thinking...I NEVER gave Christy Lones this hard of a time while she was recruiting me!!! But I know its probably God trying to teach me patience since I am an idiot and have been praying for patience....I know you are never supposed to pray for patience but I just felt like it was about time to since I was not doing sooo hot in that department!! And well I now remember why you don't pray for patience!! But its ok and this too shall pass!!! =) Anyways!! Besides for college bound work is going really good!!! I had my 1st awards ceremony that I went to about 2 weekends ago and I think it went pretty good!! It was in Mobile and I got to go over and stay that Sunday night with Ashley and Daniel Peebles and it was GREAT!!! She is great and such a good little mommy...watching her with Charley is so cute. Charley is 3 and Colin is about 1 1/2 and both of them are so cute!! But it is something about how she interacts with Charley that just makes me want to have little girls...And really she is the best little military mommy!! And i just hope one day I can be as happy as her and Daniel are with their 2 little rascals!!

I also got to go to my 1st camp session with my counselors there!! And they were doing GREAT there!!! I had rave reviews about how much they had helped and how willing they were to volunteer, which kinda makes me feel like I did a good job picking...well at least those 2!! =) I am a little nervous about a couple of them but I think over all it will be fine. But the camp visit was GREAT!!! And it reminded me of how much I miss the camp days!!! But at least i get to visit all of them now!!! So I am posting some pics from that day and from the weekend at Ashley and Daniels!! Hope everyone is doing good!! Love you all!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Biscuits Game and Life In General!!

Well last night was the first offical game for Laurie and I. It will now be a tradition to go to 5:30 service on Wednesday night then head out to the Biscuits game!! It was so much fun!!! Sorry I know this picture isnt the best by any stretch but we got distracted so we forgot to take a better one. I know who wouldn've thought Laurie and I could get distracted. =) lol But overall it was a very very fun night!!! And the biscuits won so that made it that much better!!! But the fun didnt end after the game...afterwards me and Laurie went and sat and swang...correct tense of that word Im not really sure, but whatever. It was really nice though to just be with her and really talk. I know I have always been so blessed in the family area but last night really reassured that. It is just crazy how somebody who makes me SOOO mad sometimes can make things so much better. But Laurie is that person and I wouldn't trade her for the world! Life is crazy and I am so lucky to have a, well 2 sisters, but we all know Louise is perfect and she hasn't made NEAR the amount of mistakes Laurie has :) But that is what makes me and Laurie so similar...we both have made our fair share of mistakes and man it kills her to have to just sit back and watch me make my mistakes...and last night I guess it was really evident how much it really does hurt her...which I guess I just had never thought about. But this is my public apology saying I'm sorry for not listening, but I appreciate you for always being there, even after everything turned out just like you had said. So thank you!! Ok enough sappiness!! Love you all!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Oh To Kill A Mocking Bird....

For all of you who don't know, at my office, I have the corner cubicle, which has windows on 2 sides. So literally I can see everything that goes on and everyone who pulls into the Admissions office and walks up to the admissions office. Well, for about the past 2 weeks there has been this bird that I am noticing more and more. This bird has been literally dive bomb attacking people as they are walking in or out of admissions. It is hilarious until it happens to you. I have been watching it happen to people for a while, well the other day I was out on the phone and this bird dive bombs right at my head....I mean its crazy!!! This bird is possessed~~~ And that was not the only time, once I was just walking in from visiting Louise and it flew smack dab right into my back then flew off!! It is crazy!! But I am not the only person in the office that it has attacked...its attacked Keith, my boss, which was hilarious to watch, and most of my other co-admissions counselors. So now its an office tradition to watch everyone as they are leaving the office to see if the bird will attack them! The best to watch are the coaches that come to check on prospects....they are so serious and then walk out the door and...BAM!!! LOL So for all who come to the admissions office-BEWARE OF MOCKING BIRD!! Above are some pictures I tried to get close enough, well I saw I tried...I made Nathan go and get the pictures so I wouldn't get attacked!! I dont mind throwing him under the bus to get attacked!! haha :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

My First Blog

Well ok guys!! (really Louise and Laurie and the rest of the world that is blogging now!!) Here is my first offical blog. I decided that since Louise and Laurie have been begging me to start a blog since really I started my job with Faulkner that there was no time like today to start! So just bear with me and I promise they will get better!!

First let me catch everyone up who I dont really talk to all that much. I am officially graduated from college as of May 07. Oh the things you thought were going to happen when you graduate college....well most the time THEY DONT!! I was supposed to go directly into working for the Football office here at Faulkner and well things fell through, but unfortunately the bills didn't stop coming for Laurie and I. So I had to have a job. I went back to the old faithful biscuits in May and worked as a suite server there for the rest of the season. While working for the Biscuits I got this other job as basically a glorified secretary for a one-man company. For those of you that know me as well as you do, I am not a sit behind the desk, answer the phone, and not have any human cantact except by phone type of girl. So I worked there from about July til mid November. Then I got my job with Faulkner as an Admissions Counselor. (I know I left out the process of me getting my job but really its a long and complicated story and if you really wanna know it that me =)) I love my job!! It is totally right up my alley as far as perfect jobs for people come!! I travel alot and get to meet new people daily. I am in charge of recruiting for the Southwest region of Alabama and all of Florida. So you can probably see why I love it so much...traveling alot to Florida....whats better?!?! (Laurie gets a little jealous sometimes, but she can't get that mad bc I take her on some of my lovely adventures!! :-)) It has been a blast the past 5 months though!! It gets very stressful at times having to meet specific numbers every month and knowing that my boss has a bit higher standard for me since he has known me since I was 7. :) Which is a good thing most of the time but sometimes you get suckered into doing some not so fun CAMPS!! That was, really is, my most recent project, and let me tell you, its not as fun and easy as it sounds!! Trying to make 17 freshman-junior college students all happy with their summer schedule....well its not easy!! I give so many props to every counselor that has had this project before me!! But finally I got most of it out of the way last Friday. So now as far as work is concerned its just a matter of getting my numbers and at least my 53 kids here on August 11th!! :)

Now the me part! I love living with Laurie, even if it does test my faith sometimes :) But overall its a blast!! She gets to travel with me sometimes when I take trips on her off days and sometimes I get lucky and she does too and takes the weekend off and travels with me! And its much more fun to travel with someone then to go by myself. Louise works here at the school with me so I get to see her everyday or just about everyday! I try to swing by there and see her while I am out and about giving tours so all my incoming students know our "Mail Lady". I am so glad that she loves her job so much and it really does fit her so well!! Its crazy!! Overall everything else is pretty good! I am still single and loving it, well sometimes. I was dating this boy for a little while, but well like all good things, it came to an end. No time to stress over that though....there are plenty more baseball players in the field, I mean fish in the sea! :) (And forever one who knows my past, NO he wasn't a baseball player....I think its a first!! But have no fear....he had the cockiness that I am attracted to!) But it was fun while it lasted! I appreciate him reminding me why I don't and didn't date for so long!! =) And well Biscuits Baseball season is back in full swing and that pre-occupies most of my free time now! I am excited because normally I will go by myself and meet my friend April who works there and just talk and mingle with everyone I used to work with, but Laurie said she wanted to go with me to a game next week!! (She doesn't normally volunteer to go with me to the games :-) So I am SUPER pumped about that!! But that is about all that is going on in my life!! I will try to keep this updated once a week, but please understand my job can get pretty busy and stressful so it may be longer than that!! But I will try my hardest to keep this thing up!! And I hope this makes all of you happy: Laurie, Louise, Gin-Gin, and Kristen!!!