Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Yesterday we found out that 2 of our Faulkner football players were killed in an accident coming back to school yesterday early morning. As I sit here and think about that I just can not imagine the pain and agony that their families are suffering. I walk around campus and all I see is all these boys so sad and distraught. I see friends of theirs just looking pitiful and I think about how lucky I am.

I had a HUGE project for work that I was working on all day yesterday (Literally from 8 am to 7 pm). And even though my mind had to be focused on it, I found myself drifting back to thinking about it and how bad those families must be hurting. After my project was done I went and sat in the Grill with some friends. We reflected on it all 4 of us but it was when 2 of them left that really opened my eyes. Brooke Bailey I think is truly a God sent angel into my life. We sat there after the boys had left and we talked about everything that had gone on. And she let me into some parts of her life about how she lost one of her best friends last year and how hard it was for her. It just breaks my heart and got me thinking. I have never really experienced death with close friends and family. My granddaddy dying in June of 99 was the only close relative that really affected me. (Don't get me wrong I have been to a TON of funerals and probably will go to alot more if I live long enough but none have been within my immediately family) I can not imagine losing anyone really close to me. I am blessed beyond belief and I can not say enough how thankful I am. I know this blog kinda is random and all over the place but its just somethings that I have been thinking about. Please please please keep these families in your thoughts and prayers as the next couple of days and weeks are going to be so extremely tough.

Also, with all the activities of yesterday I didn't get to get on here but it was daddy's 53rd birthday!!! Happy Birthday Daddy!! And don't worry your 53 things is coming!!! :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yes I am a nerd and a PROUD Republican!!

So I know I am officially nerd status....and really I found that out when I said something that Bill O'Riley always says and my sisters called me out about it....but today I am so excited about going to the Tea Party in downtown Montgomery!!! Laurie, Louise, Dustin and I are going to participate in our (I think) 1st ever Tea Party for all of us!! I have been watching Fox News all week...I mean granted I do anyways but especially paying attention this week! I so wish I was in Atlanta and I could go see Sean Hannity and Rick and Bubba!!! That is where the real republican party will be!!! :) Ok and I think my nerd status my be upped a little when I tell you that I wore a red sweater with a white undershirt and navy blue pants today!! Hey I am proud to be an American!!! Just remember freedom isn't free and we wouldn't be where we are without all those who have fought for our freedom!! Hope everyone has a happy Tax Day/Tea Party!! (Also notice my new background!!)

Watch this!~ If it doesn't make you proud I don't know what will!!

Sorry if this offends any crazy dems but its my blog! :) Don't read it if you don't like it! :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's just one of those days and I was thinking...

  • Will I ever be to the point that I don't have to work?

  • Will I ever really truly learn patience?????

  • Will I ever feel like I am at least ok and paid up on bills and still have some money left over?

  • Why does one little thing determine my day sometimes??

  • Will I ever learn how to diffuse my stress?

  • How come does it rain when it pours?

  • Why won't these kids call me back that I am calling?

  • Will I ever be as patient and kind hearted as Louise is with her Prison Ministry??? She writes them cards every week!!

  • Will I ever be as tender hearted and thoughtful as Laurie is in the Philippine mission field? I have never seen someone who has so much love for something and how happy it makes her!

  • Will I ever be as good as my mom has always been? She has given us the world even if it took her giving everything she had. She is amazing and I just hope one day when I have kids I can do as good of a job as she did with us...well with Louise at least :^) (Just kidding Laurie :))

  • I absolutely love spring weather!!

  • how I wish I was at the beach this week instead of sitting in my office!!

  • Will I ever feel like I am successful??

What is on your mind today??

Monday, April 6, 2009


Well its that time that Laurie, Daddy, Nana and Papa are all traveling home! Please please please keep them continually in your prayers for a safe journey! Lord willing they should arrive all safely to their respective destinations by 9:30 pm tomorrow night! They touched so many lives while over there and I know it is going to be especially hard for Laurie coming back. She really does love everything about being over there! And it just makes my heart so sad that she is so sad leaving them. But I know she has done such good work there and I know the people over there are so grateful for her!! =) Thanks for all the prayers so far!