Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ellie's 1st weekend alone with her Aunts (And Morgan and Michelle :))

 Louise and Dirt went out of town for their 5 year wedding anniversary on June 1st-3rd and they left sweet little Ellie in mine, Laurie, Michelle, and Morgan's care :) All of the boys, Justin, Matt, and Nate, all went on a deep sea fishing trip with some of our friends in Orange Beach so it was just the girls that weekend!! Below are our pictures from the weekend!! We had oh so much fun and I tell you what that sweet little Ellie never missed a beat! She was so good all weekend and I am so very thankful for that little girl!! She brings more joy to our lives than we ever could have imagined!! I hope Louise and Dirt get a hankering again to go out of town and leave her with us! I think they enjoyed their weekend a lot also!! :) So I hope you enjoy our weekend in pictures! :)
Let the weekend of Ellie and her Aunts Begin! (Laurie wasn't off work yet!! :))
First stop on our list was Burger King so Morgan and Ellie could play :)
Then to La's house we went to take a bath in her BIG bath tub!!

Then it was on to Elouise's and Dirt's house to have a slumber party with Morgan and Michelle!!! :)

In the morning mo decided to get up and come watch Ramona and Beezus while we waiting for the sleepy heads to get up....Michelle and Ellie :)

Sleepy head finally arose! :) 8:30 am this child slept til! :)

On to the Farmer's Market we go!

And as we were heading to the pool someone crashed! So we went to make us a picnic lunch at Michelle's and little princess slept in the car! :)

Ellie and Morgan living the good life in the pool!!! :)

Baby Piper came to swim too! :) And She absolutely loved the water!! That was her first time in a pool and she kept dunking her head!! :)

And Ellie loved swimming with Baby Piper!

Can you tell Ellie LOVES the swimming pool?!?!?
Then she needed to get out and do the chicken dance! :)
And Back to swimming!!! :) Really she loved it!! In her little inter tube she could do whatever she wanted!!
Seriously could she be any cuter?!??!

Next stop on our list was the nail salon....every girl needs a good mani/pedi! And Ellie loved hers! She sat so still while the woman was painting her toes!!

Well and as you can tell this sweet little girl was worn out!! And so was Ellie, Leigh Leigh, La, and Michelle!!
We had such a fun time!!! We absolutely love both of those little girls so so much and I am so thankful for everything they both bring to our lives!!! Maybe Ellie's Mommy and Daddy will leave her with us again!! :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Job!!!

Well I am so excited to finally be able to officially announce that I have a new job starting June 1st! I am moving into the Student Success department here at Faulkner and will be a Professional Advisor and starting teaching some in the fall! I am so nervous about starting to teach but I am so excited about the doors that hopefully can be opened with that opportunity!! I know I have, along with many others, prayed about this decision and I am so excited to be moving into a job that will allow me to advance and that will be something I can work with when Nathan and I decide to start a family! Again He has blessed me with more than I deserve but I am so thankful!! Thanks again to everyone who was praying for me! Your prayers and thoughts mean more than each of you will ever know! :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Catch up from the past 8 months...

Well here is my long post of catch up from what has happened since my wedding! :) It's in pictures so maybe it will be less painful!! :)

We got married!!! :)

Me and my brothers :)

All 3 sisters and their husbands :)

Crazy pic of the bridal party, yes I realize it's a big

Me and Nate and our parents

Me and My momma :) She looked gorgeous!

I love this picture :)

These are from after the wedding photo shoot with Lauri Ann :)

This is one of my favorites!!

I like this one too!

Then Laurie and Matt got married!! :)

This is from Laurie and Matt's Wedding :)

Another shot from Laurie's wedding :)

Then we went to the pumpkin patch to relive the day Nate proposed one year ago 10-10-10
Me and Mo :)

Me and my love :)

Again :)

And then it was Christmas! (Yes I realize I skipped thanksgiving but come on people it's been 8 months since I blogged last! :))

Seriously this kid is my world!!! :)

Even with a scrap on her nose she is adorable!


Then we had family photo shoot with all the family!!!

All the girls and Grandma :)

Momma and her babies :)

Daddy and his boys :)

Me and Nate :)

Nate and I being silly :)

That sweet sweet baby girl :)

Typical boys.....and their toys :)

Me and Nate

The sisters and their husbands :)

Then came Valentine's day...he didn't forget this year ;)


Then came Jamboree....this was me and Wendy's life!

Seriously how cute is this kid?!?!?

That little smile melts my heart!

Then came Ellie's dr. appt.....she doesn't look very sick to me ;)

And Ellie's first trip to Versona...notice the earrings in her ears!

And Ellie just being dressed cute by her La and Leigh-Leigh

And her trip with all the boys....she loves her daddy, her uncles, and the Jeep!

And she has learned that we take pictures on our she learned how to take her own picture!

And a little shopping with Leigh-Leigh :)

Waiting on mommy while she tries on clothes :)

Just being her cute little self!

Headed to see Mudge and Lolo!

Celebrating Nate's Birthday at the japanese steakhouse in Chattanooga!

And the most exciting news....I GOT A NEW CAR!!! :)

While Morgan wanted to take a ride in my new car, Ellie preferred to ride with her daddy on the lawnmower! :)

And then came easter and Ellie got her face painted!!

Me and Nate at Lads to Leaders

The Easter bunny found Ellie!! :)

And then came the incident and the death of a chick! :)

And then came vacation!!! Ahhhh....girls trip to the beach!

And we are so so blessed I tell ya! ;P

And this is my new hat!!! :) I love it!!!!

Me and La on our way back from the beach! We really had such a fun time!!!!!

And I found this and decided that I absolutely LOVE this....and want this for one day when I have children to hang on my hospital door! :)

Well I think that gets me update! I am excited about finishing my first semester of grad school!!! Lots happening! Stay tuned :)