Thursday, November 21, 2013

Vacation is sooooo close!

Today has been better.....still exhausted but better :) All I can keep thinking is that I have one more day of work after today....ONE MORE DAY!!!! And then I will have A FULL WEEK OFF!!!! A FULL WEEK PEOPLE!!! I just absolutely can't wait!!! I am going to have to deep clean some but I can assure you that Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I am going to relax!!!! I am so excited about it! I have been talking with Louise and I think we may try to go to Birmingham on Tuesday and get the Pioneer Woman to sign our new cookbooks :) Whoop whoop! And do some Christmas Shopping! I am so excited about that! Today I am so thankful for Mo, one of our basketball guys here at school.  I have been his advisor for the past 2 years and we have worked hard to get all of his classes in so that we could get him graduated on time.  He is set to graduate in May and I could not be prouder of him and his hard work! He is a true testament of why I love my job and how thankful I am to work with students who bless me daily!

   I am thankful to have students who appreciate the hard work that I do and who make my job fun! So if you can't tell, the students make my job worth coming every day! :)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

1 year. 5 months. 6 days.

That is exactly how long it has been since I blogged.  Yes I realize that's a while and I will never in a million years be able to go back through and catch everyone up on my life but honestly you haven't missed a whole lot.  Except pictures of my niece and nephews. :)

I debated on starting another private blog just so I can hash out how I feel without being judged but then I remembered that:

  1. Not a whole lot of people read my blog......
  2. I am an open book, let's be honest, and  I don't hide my emotions so I just figured I can put it all out there on the table! 
  3. So here goes nothing......
I am tired.  Exhausted and emotionally and physically drained.  This week of vacation I have coming up is sooooo needed.  I want to deep clean my house.  I want to do all my laundry.  I want to throw myself a pity party just because I feel like it. I want to lay on my couch in sweat pants all day and just watch Christmas that too much to ask?? I am really going to take advantage of my empty house time and just pamper me.  I think I might just go get me a pedicure and maybe even wrap some presents, after cleaning of course.  I just needed to get all of that out of my system.

Now on to something totally different.....Every Tuesday (at Faulkner) we have break out chapel sessions. I go to the female athlete chapel.  Tori Bartels leads it and yesterday hers was on being thankful, not just in November, but all year round.  We need to be in the habit of always being thankful.  So that got me thinking....I am going to try for a full year to write a thankful/gratitude journal via blog. I am going to try to think of things I am thankful for and also one persona  day I am thankful for.   I may have to play catch up sometimes but overall I am going to try to blog every day.  So here goes 2 days in one post! 

  Day 1:
I am thankful for Hallmark movies and sweat pants.  Yesterday was just a bad day all the way around.  And all I wanted to do was get in my sweatpants and watch sappy Christmas movies.  And I did just that.  It was wonderful and honestly it was just what I needed.  The person I am most thankful for today is my oldest sister Laurie.  She is always there no matter what and always is willing to do whatever is needed.  I am thankful to always have her on my side and always be my best friend and biggest fan! We may fight, but my love for her (and her growing family :)) gets stronger and stronger.  I am excited for her and this journey of motherhood she is embarking on and I know without a shadow of a doubt that she will be the most fun and loving mom there could be! 

Day 2:
I am thankful for spark and hair that can go three days without washing.  Today as i literally rolled out of bed at 7:10 AM and normally i am sitting in my desk, computer up and running by 7:45 AM well, that didn't happen.  I needed to wash my hair and well I just couldn't so I ran my straightener through it and called it a day.  Then got to work at 8:07 and had me a spark and I feel much better I am very thankful.  My person I am thankful for today is a student that I recruited when I worked in Admissions called me this morning and just out of the blue asked me what my favorite coffee from Starbucks was.....(side note here is that I don't like coffee from anywhere but I felt bad and got a frozen drink even after he said he was waiting for it to get cold so he could bring me some :)) He came in about 20 minutes later drink in hand.  He is also the same one who asked me to be his faculty representative when he was inducted into the Alpha Chi, which is the National Honors Society here at Faulkner.  He reminds me why I love my job and why I get up every day and come to work.  For kids like him who truly love Faulkner and appreciate the hard work that is put in to keep him here.  

OK well I feel as though this is a good way to start! Hopefully I can keep it up! Those that know me keep me accountable! Love you all!