Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Engagement Pictures

Here are Nate and I engagement photos that were taken over this past weekend!! She did such a fantastic job! I couldn't be any happier with how they turned out and I REALLY can't wait to get the CD of them! :) So here is some of the ones I liked....and you will see there are quite a bit because for once in my life I liked a lot of the pictures she took! :) Enjoy!

I love this one....he did this all on his own! :)
This is probably my favorite one....I love it!
And I was glad I had this with me so we could take some pictures with it!!

Yes....I did climb this tree in heels!! :)

I absolutely LOVE Nate's face in this one!! It is priceless! I really can't wait to marry this man!

I think this one is artsy and I like that!

This will probably be a newspaper picture :)

I love silhouette pictures!

This could be a newspaper picture too! :)

I was getting really cold in this one!

I love the dip pictures! :)

This one I think is cool with the trees blurred in the background!

She had these hearts for us to fill out about each other.....I really like the concept and the pictures turned out pretty cute too!

I love the ones of me and him in the blue and the green!! Love them!

And this of course is one of my absolute favorites because it reminds me of that special day....10.10.10 :) I love him!

Monday, November 8, 2010

A holiday card and STD all in one :) (That is a Save The Date, if you didn't know ;))

So as I am approaching the holidays this year.... I have been thinking a lot about Christmas cards and Save The Date first I was not going to do either...too expensive and I just didn't want to invest the time in them. Then I ran across my friends' blog that talked about Shutterfly giving away 50 free**** holiday cards and so I signed up for it!! I was so excited from then on out....and Nate and I had our engagement pictures shot this past weekend so I figured why not go ahead and make our holiday cards our "Save The Dates" :) So below are the cards that I have chosen to I am not set on each one yet especially pending the picture or pictures I want to use. :) But I would appreciate your thoughts!

Here is where all of the following cards can be found:
I was thinking this would be a GREAT idea for thank you cards after the wedding....or maybe even before using engagement pictures maybe!!! :)
This one I love too....I love the simplicity and just plain jane of it but classy....right up my alley! :)
Now here are all the Christmas/New Years/ Happy Holiday Cards that I love....they can be found here:
I love this one....I like it because you can write a little bit about yourself on it...and in my case about our wedding date! :)

I think this one is adorable too!!

I think this is one I would get after I have kids....I think it's the perfect opportunity to share with all your family and friends about what all is going on with your kiddos! :)

Here are the actual cards that have places where you can write on the inside....these may be more practical for my use of the Save the Date card :)
I love this one!! I just think it is adorable....I think I love the picture already on it though.... :)

I love LOVE LOVE this one....I think I will have a hard time deciding which pictures to use so maybe this will help if I can use more than one!!

I also love this one....looks like the people in the picture had the same idea :)

I also think this is just adorable! I love the colors and I love all the picture spaces! I will definitely be looking into this one!

Here are all the just regular photo cards that most people send out:

I love this one! I think if I have one specific picture that just pops out at me I may have to go with this one! It is just perfect and I love it!

I love the simplicity of this one! One picture says it all!

This one I really like too! I think it would be a great 1st Christmas after being married card....just simply and classic!

And this one I love because you can write a little more on it and it could work for my purpose! :)

Well I hope you all can help me chose and I hope you all will use for all of your holiday needs! I have made photo books with them also and really those are GREAT presents to give that truly are priceless! I look forward to hearing all of your thoughts on the cards I picked out!!