Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Engagement Pictures

Here are Nate and I engagement photos that were taken over this past weekend!! She did such a fantastic job! I couldn't be any happier with how they turned out and I REALLY can't wait to get the CD of them! :) So here is some of the ones I liked....and you will see there are quite a bit because for once in my life I liked a lot of the pictures she took! :) Enjoy!

I love this one....he did this all on his own! :)
This is probably my favorite one....I love it!
And I was glad I had this with me so we could take some pictures with it!!

Yes....I did climb this tree in heels!! :)

I absolutely LOVE Nate's face in this one!! It is priceless! I really can't wait to marry this man!

I think this one is artsy and I like that!

This will probably be a newspaper picture :)

I love silhouette pictures!

This could be a newspaper picture too! :)

I was getting really cold in this one!

I love the dip pictures! :)

This one I think is cool with the trees blurred in the background!

She had these hearts for us to fill out about each other.....I really like the concept and the pictures turned out pretty cute too!

I love the ones of me and him in the blue and the green!! Love them!

And this of course is one of my absolute favorites because it reminds me of that special day....10.10.10 :) I love him!


E.E.Morrison- Morrison said...

Aabsolutely adorable and precious pictures......
They really capture you love for one another! So excited for you!!!

Jill said...

Great pixs!!! Congrats!!!

Kimberly Washer said...

They are great!!! I love that you had the pumpkin their too. I also love the heart idea.