Monday, August 15, 2011

Full Wedding Swing.....

Sorry these 2 pictures were a late addition! :) So excuse the order of the blog!

Here is Morgan and I at my birthday dinner! :)

Here are the 4 soon to be newly weds at Laurie's birthday dinner! :)

Well here we are....

  • 12 days til I put my wedding dress on.....

  • 12 days til my daddy walks me down the aisle.......

  • 12 days til my momma cried like she is at a funeral (well she did at Louise's:))

  • 12 days til I get to walk down the aisle to my best friend and love of my life

  • 12 days til I get to live in my house and stay there all night long....not just there to do laundry and keep the kitchen clean!

  • 11 days til my bridal tea and all my closest friends are all in the same place and with me!

  • 11 days til our rehearsal dinner

  • 10 days til decorating all of the church and fellowship hall

  • 9 days til I am done with work for 2 WHOLE WEEKS!

  • 4 days til I am at the beach with the nearest and dearest to me relaxing before wedding week starts! :)

  • 4 days til my last work shower. I am so extremely blessed!

  • 2 days til classes start and I am done with my last class as a single lady! :)

Down below are some of the pictures of things that have been going on over the past couple weeks!

This is from my University Shower! The ladies group gift was a Keurig!!! I was so excited and my most wonderful friend Kristen got me this handy thing to go under my Keurig and stores my K-Cups!! :) I was SO EXCITED!!!

Here are the wonderful hostess!!! They were absolutely wonderful and I am so thankful to be surrounded by such wonderful women! I am so blessed to be part of such an amazing church family who has blessed mine and my family's lives so much!
Me in front of some of the gifts! :)

This is from my Shower in Trion, GA with all of Mrs. Jacki's (my mother in law's) family!!! They absolutely spoiled us so rotten! It may have been one of my smallest showers but I got the absolute best stuff at that shower! Laurie was my gift carrier to the table person :) As you can tell I was excited about this trashcan!

Here is the family minus daddy.....

Me and the sisters! Have I mentioned that I really do have 2 of the BEST sisters around??? Because I really do!

Here is Jess! She definitely wins bridesmaid of the year! She has been absolutely amazing and I am so grateful to have such a best friend who will literally drop everything for me and make sure my wedding and everything leading up is absolutely perfect! She even lets me vent and cry and doesn't call me bridzilla! I love her.

Here are a few of my favorite shower present from the Trion, GA shower!

One of Mrs. Jacki's best friends got Nate and I 6 place settings of fiesta ware!!! I was SO SO EXCITED!!!! I absolutely love them!!! I have some white dishes already so when football season comes around these orange and white dishes will be set out on the dining room table! :)

This is Nate and I at our couple shower!

This is me at our Holiday Shower and this is the trial run cake Rayla did to see if we like the colors on the cake for the wedding.....we decided we were just going to traditional white on white with flower adding the color. And this cake was so divine!!!!

Here are a couple sneak peeks from my bridal shots.....Jay did absolutely amazing!

We had so much fun and having Jessica and Melissa there made it that much more memorable! :) Daddy loves these that were taken in Steak-N-Shake :)

This is one of Jessica & Laurie's favorite shots.

Well I guess that about sums it 2 weeks I will be married and living it up with my hubby on a cruise ship! It is going to be so very nice!