Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's been a while I know....

...so I decided I should probably get back into this whole blogging thing! I know I have been out of the swing of things but I think it will be a good thing for me to get back in the habit of doing! So I am going to start out by blogging about CHRISTMAS!!!!!! (For those of you that do not know me very well....well Christmas is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE time of the year!) I am happier this time of year than I am most of the year....and yes Louise I know I should be happy all the time :P. But there is just something about getting a REAL tree and digging out all, and when I say all I mean all, of our Christmas stuff!! One thing my mom handed down to all three of us is our ability to collect more Christmas stuff than anything else! I mean seriously it took me and Laurie a FULL week of decorating with some help from Louise, Dirt, and Nathan on occasion! :) But even though I do not love devoting a whole week to it, after its done I am so excited and happy its out I find myself going to bed smiling and even getting up smiling when I walk by the living room and see the lights are on from the tree! I JUST LOVE IT!!!

And I love, LOVE buying gifts for Christmas! I always try to see if I can get the best presents....especially for Laurie and Louise! It is so fun to listen actively from about July on (the reason for July is bc honestly we start shopping off QVC in July because of the Christmas in July special they run...and well we got it honest from my dad's side of the family...its only right! :)). SO needless to say I am always so excited about getting their presents! But this year I am most excited about Dad's present from Me and Nate :) I can't write it on here like I did last year because Dad has a blog now but I am super excited about opening gifts there this year!

I also love going to look at all the Christmas lights! They are so much fun and I just love it! I like to take a cup of hot chocolate and bundle up and go look at all of them! Don't worry after I look at them I will blog more and with pictures! :)

Well I guess that is it for today! I am really excited about Girls' Night tonight at Kim's house for our ornament swap! It is so fun! :) I promise I will be better about blogging! :)

****16 days til CHRISTMAS!!!!****