Monday, September 29, 2008

Just a few prayer requests...

I know everyone is busy but I just wanted to blog for a few minutes about a few prayer request I have.

1st-Laurie. She is REALLY really struggling with her 911 job right now. I feel so bad and don't really know how to help her except to pray. I know sh ehas blogged before about how much she really hates it there but really right now she is kinda stuck with it because she has to have a job and one that needs to pays decent. So please please please pray for her.
2nd-Paige Mock and Family. For those of you that don't know Keith is my boss here at Faulkner and has been a family friend of ours for a while. Louise and I babysit for them alot also. Paige's dad is not doing good at all. And I know it is hard for her to deal with and its even more stressful and painful to explain it to people over and over. It is also very trying for Keith and the boys because mom is stressed out.
3rd-Nichols Family. They got a GREAT report when they went back but are not completely out of the woods yet. They go back in 3 weeks and pray that everything is still ok. And being a head football coach and daddy and husband is stressful on Coach Nichols and I am sure he feels stretched beyond measure.
4th-Janet Roberts and Family. She just a week ago lost her daddy. I have never felt the loss of a daddy but I have felt the loss of a granddaddy and that was bad enough. I know how hard it was and is for mom so i just think she is in desperate need of prayers right now.
I know there are probably alot of people I should have put on here but for the time being this is all I could really put and could remember. Just take a minute out of you day to say a quick prayer for these people. They are all people that are very important to me and it would mean so much to them! I hope all of you have an amazing week and I will be blogging some more this week! =) Love ya'll!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Great weekend with an exception.....

...Tennessee lost. Wasn't really expecting them to win but was at least expecting them to actually come out and PLAY THE STINKIN GAME!! And they didn't!! But oh well, my weekend was spectacular besides that!! I took Friday off so I could clean the house because Nate's family was coming in town and this was their 1st time coming to Montgomery since we have been dating so I was a bit nervous. And I was only nervous because this time they are coming into my territory so to speak, I mean don't get me wrong Nate lives here too but its really all my people and family that they would be meeting. So needless to say the cleaning literally took all day to finish! Nate came over that morning and he started cleaning as well! He was such a big help!! He cleaned the bathroom and swiffered all the floors and mopped them all!! It was a GREAT help!! While he was cleaning, I was in the kitchen and living room picking up and dusting and wiping counters and everything else that has needed to be done everytime we clean but I just get too lazy and just make it decent! But now it has been done finally!!! =) YAY!! So I finished cleaning my room, the living room, and the guest bedroom at about 6 and jumped in the shower! They were going to be arriving at about 7:45 so I decided I had best start to get ready!! So I did and when I got out of the shower I heard someone in my house. I thought it was Nate bc he was going to be coming over to bring my keys that he had taken with him but to my surprise it wasn't! It was Ashley (my new roommate) and her daddy and his friend all standing in my living room!! I was so embarrassed bc I walked out in my robe like an idiot!!! And that was the 1st time I had met him!!! =) But after that I started getting ready and Nate showed up about 30 minutes later!! So they got here and we met and ate at Jim-N-Nicks for dinner!! And it was sooo good!! Then it was off to show the houses!! We stoped at Nate's 1st, and well it was somewhat cleaned but boy it didnt smell so can definitely tell 4 boys live there!! Then it was too my house...and thank goodness I had bought some good air freshners because that was the 1st thing they commented on! :) But we stayed at my house for about 2 hrs and watched TV and talked. They got to meet Laurie when she was about to go to work so one sister was down, now just a sister and brother in law! =) We got up and met at IHOP for breakfast the next morning and headed down to the game. (Its important to know that at every event I had to look somewhat decent because Mrs. Jacki is a scrapbooker!! She loves it and is sooo AMAZING at it!! So at every opportunity she takes pictures! =) Which I love bc I dont take them as often as I should!!) The game was good, we didn't lose as bad but the sun was killer!! They all were super burnt and I felt so bad!!! There they got to visit and meet Louise and Dirt! It went over really really good!! =) But while at the game I got to go upstairs and see Laurie doing her thing and while I was up there I got to be interviewed!! =) It was my first time on the radio and I was super nervous!!! =) But it was fun!! After the football game we came back to my house and ordered pizza and watched the UT game. And watching it with GA fans was better than watching it with FL fans...but they still made their comments but overall they were really good! And I was pretty proud bc we all know how Laurie is about UT football...and well I just wanted everything to be good and neither one of us show our butt! And we didnt and it was fun!! =) That night we went out to eastchase and walked around all the stores and ate some ice cream and took pictures! Then we went to their hotel room and watched the GA game and the LSU/AU games. I say we...Mrs. Jacki and I talked the whole time and then she gave me a present she had bought for me!! IT WAS AN ONLINE SCRAPBOOKING PROGRAM!! I was soooooo excited!!! She is always so thoughtful about buying stuff that she thinks will help me do anything and everything!!! She is amazing and I really am so blessed to have her in my life!! Sunday morning we got up and met them for breakfast and then went to early service and class. It was really fun to watch them interact in my world and how everything worked out! After church we went to Walmart and shopped for groceries for Nate and I! Then we ate at Applebees! It was good and then it was time for goodbyes... =( The time always flies by so fast when they are in town or when we are there! But its good because we will be there in 2 weeks to see them and momma and daddy! Adairsville High School plays Dade County High that friday night so Nate and I are going to leave Thursday night or Friday morning and go to his house and watch his sister play in the band friday night and meet up with mom and dad at the game!! =) We are super excited!! We also are going to go to the pumpkin patch and do some fun fall-ie things that weekend!! I am so excited!! But get off that litlle tangent and finish my weekend, we closed it out by Nate and I going to Panama City, FL to do a church visit at Jenks Ave. Church of Christ. It was a really good church visit and I had some good contacts and Nate helped with the drving so I could sleep a little bit!! So it was GREAT!! He really loves me...he does! =) (Because he had to work this monring at 8 and doesn't have the luxury I have with being able to call in after a long night of traveling =))But that is my weekend in a nutshell, I know it was a big nutshell, but nutshell regardless! =) And Mrs. Jacki has just started a blog so if you would like to know about Nate's family that is a great way to find out!! =)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

College fairs, Cornerstone, and Traveling oh my....

am I tired of traveling now!! I like traveling, don't get me wrong, but I mean I am not fond of the whole being gone a whole week. And i say a whole week, I was on and off home at night but I was gone most of all the days. The college fairs were alot of fun though...much more than I thought they were going to be! There were some creepy guys that thought they would hit on me even after they asked if I was dating anyone and I said yes, they still asked me was ridiculous!! But it was overall a lot of fun!! I met a lot of kids and got a few applications! Which I know doesnt sound like a lot but it really was...considering the fairs! I have really enjoyed actually recruiting this year! It is crazy but I really think I will do a lot better, as far as numbers are concerned, this year. I feel like me being here all year will be much better and I will be able to actually start sorting out everyone before January! :) On friday I had 2 college fairs then I came back here and met cornerstone to leave with them and go to Summerdale, AL for the night. and needless to say that was interesting and fun! (Insert here that we were going down to a church that Tracy Moore, who was in Cornerstone and his brother Slate Moore, both worked!) This is where you need to remember, or if you haven't known me for long, that once upon a time I was very much so in love with Mr. Slate Moore who sang in Cornerstone...funny how now I am with a former cornerstone memeber?!?! LOL But it is always so funny to go down there and see him, it brings back so many childhood memories! :) Oh the many many roadtrips that momma took me, louise, brittany, and Bobbie on! Man we were the ultimate cornerstone groupies!! :) Funny how things work out?!?! But not get off on that whole tangent! But other than that life is good! Laurie, Nate and I are going to look at cars this afternoon again. Dirt, Laurie and I looked last night but didnt have alot of luck!! I have a good feeling today is the day!!! :) There is a really pretty Altima, Corrola, and Camry we are looking at today! I am pretty excited for her!! I know she was not really having so much fun but I feel like today she will get that "wedding dress car shoppers feeling". :) (If you would like to know what feeling I am talking about...please ask her to explain that one to you! LOL) This weekend is also a big weekend for me! We have our 2nd Faulkner Football home game and Nate's family is coming in for the weekend! And we both are really excited about that!! And on top of that my mommy and daddy are coming into town for the football game on Saturday so I am super pumped!! I don't get to see them enough so it is always exciting to see them! :) But I think that pretty much updates my blog for the time being!! I am really trying to do better!! :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

So a little down time = time to write a blog!

Well hello to all!! =) I know its been a while for a post I have just been busy with everything this past month. I hope its about to start slowing down some. I start my full travel schedule next week with my college fairs and I am interested to see how that all goes. I am kinda nervous about everything because this is my 1st real fall with my job, and Keith reminds me EVERYDAY that the fall is a critical time. And I definitely believe him. I will be down in the pan handle next week for 2 days then in south Alabama for 3 days. But on the upside of things...this weekend is the Samford football game and I am super excited, not only for the fact that its Faulkner's 1st football game this season, but my very own Laurie will be color commentating. =) Just call her Holly Rowe!! (For all of you non-devoted ESPN fans, she is the sideline color commentator, and she is freakin awesome at it!) I am so excited for her!! I really hope this opens some doors for her to get out 911. She really is so unhappy working there, and in case you don't really know the walker girls (and I say Walker bc Louise is much better at this than Laurie and I are) aren't really the best at leaving work at work and not taking it out on the person at home. So I REALLY hope things work out!! And regardless I really think she enjoys being in the football office too! It definitely was a HUGE job to step into, 8 guys who have had no womanly direction in the office nor any organization, and she has done remarkably down there!! And I think the guys all really like her!! Another perk is that Laurie, Louise, and I usually always get to eat lunch together which is fun...and I think has helped everything alot!! =) Another good thing going on right now is that Laurie and I have taken on a roommate for a little while to help us catch up and save some money. Ashley Hamrick came in the same year I did at Faulkner and we actually graduated together too!! =) And she also works with me and I absolutely love her!! She has really helped me out the past few months or so. And Laurie really likes her too so that works out GREAT also!! As far as the boy goes...Nathan is still in the picture and I am quite happy with that!! We have so much fun and I absolutely LOVE his family...and of course they LOVE me to death...which I mean I know, who wouldn't?!?! LOL JK!! But I really do enjoy being around them! He is from Adairsville, GA which is about an hour from Trenton, GA. Which is very convinent because when we go see his family we normally get to see mine or vice versa!! =) Also, Adairsville COC, where he attends, is a really big supporter of the Philipines Mission and daddy just recently went and spoke about the last mission trip. Which while there actually got to meet Nathan's parents. Which was so nerve racking for me because neither Nathan nor I could go. SO they were just on their own! But as far as I can tell, it went pretty good!! And both sides said they really enjoyed the time to visit! =) Well I think that is all I have for now! I will try to be better now that its somewhat slowed down some!! Love you all!!