Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's officially been a YEAR!!!

Well today officially makes it a year that Nathan and I have been together. I know kinda crazy! It has been quite a year....full of many ups and downs but all that have made us closer and better! He is my heart and I love him oh so much! Its not easy dating me or trying to date me Laurie can attest to that...she tells me sometimes that I need to ease I know it hasn't always been easy for him! But he has taught me alot of the past year some of these things include: Patience, loving unconditionally no matter what, anything worth having takes work, that dating a Christian man is amazing...its nice to have someone who is active in church and isn't afraid of leading a prayer! It is amazing. I just love him and I am so glad he is in my life! Here are just a few pictures from the past year! One day I am going to get around to scrapbooking these! :)

This is our very 1st picture together!

This the weekend I met his parents, we went to the rodeo!

This is at the festival there in Adairsville!

This is at Taylor's surprise party we planned for him! :)

Overall this year has been amazing! I am so thankful for Nate and I can't wait to see what the future holds! Love you Nate!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another week has passed.... its time for another blog! Life has seemed to be so busy recently! this past weekend for Mother's day Louise, Dirt, Nathan and I got to go up and see Mom for mother's day! It was great to get to just be up there with no plans and just to hang out with her and play games. Nathan and I got there Saturday afternoon and met up with mom, dad, Dirt and Louise for Supper at Lalito's and it was delicious! Then we went home and sat for a few minutes then it was time for while daddy worked on the last minute stuff for church we played Dominos and when dad got ready he came in and we started playing Hand and Foot partners! It was so much fun! (Dad and I were partners and of course we won!! =)) I really think it made mom's whole weekend us playing both games that she loves! And i wont lie it made mine and Louise's weekend pretty good too!! Sunday we got up and gave mom her Mother's day stuff and got ready for church. She looked so pretty! And you could tell she was so happy! We got to church and Nathan led singing and Dad delivered an AMAZING mothers day lesson! During the singing it was hard for Louise and I to sing because one of the ladies whose husband is in the hospital just cried through the whole thing...which you would've thought it was my husband the way I was crying! I finally had to have a heart to heart with myself and pull it together! It was ridiculous! After church we went and ate at Ichiban's which is comparable to Shogun and it was GREAT!!! Mom thoroughly enjoyed herself I think!

After that we did some visiting to the hospital and to one of mom and dads dear friends that is dying with Breast cancer. It was so sad to see how the disease has really taken a toll on her and her body. Made me that much more grateful to have my momma and that she is healthy and alive. Then we left her house to come back to the house long enough to change kiss mom and dad bye and get on the road to Nathan's house so he could see his momma.

We got to Adairsville in time to meet his family at church. I think his momma was so happy to see him she just about cried. She loves her baby boy that's for sure! They are always so excited when we come to town! After church was over we went and ate at El Napol (my FAVORITE Mexican place ever!!!) and it was GREAT!! (It was Mrs. Jacki's choice to go there by the way!) And I also got a free t shirt :) I was excited! We then went to their house and visited with them for a couple hours and gave Mrs. Jacki her mother's day present. Nathan and Emily got her a new cartridge for her Cricut machine and she loved it! We left there about 10:30 and headed home!

All in all it was a GREAT weekend!! I love getting to have stress-free weekends with my momma. She is amazing and I am so blessed to have her in my life! I love her so so so much and I hope her mother's day was the best ever!

Monday, May 4, 2009

A Little Bit of Life... oh man does it seem like months since I have been on here...not just 2 weeks! It is crazy the amount of stuff that has gone on over the past 2 weeks! So here is a recap of my life and all the chaos over the last 2 weeks!

  • LAURIE GOT TELECOMMUNICATOR OF THE YEAR!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! Louise and I went and you would've thought we were her proud parents the way we were snapping pictures! We were so excited for her!! I made her come in my office and show everyone! I was so pumped and proud!! LOVE YOU LAURIE~YOU ALWAYS MAKE US PROUD!!!! :) Louise and I are blessed to have you for our sister!!!
  • We had to bury 2 of our Faulkner Football players....obviously I don't need to elaborate on this one...if you want the whole scoop visit and that will explain everything...but needless to say its been pretty sad around here.
  • I had my Thirty One party...and I am not bragging by any means but I sold $800 worth and got $250 in free product!!! I WAS STOKED!!! But I couldn't have done it without the help of all my friends!! THANKS GUYS!!! Ya'll are the best!
  • I have started my own FarmTown! (For all of you that laugh its addicting....I have never had an addiction before so this is kinda I guess what it feels like or so Nate says its like...its sick but Louise, Michelle, and Molly can all vouch! Its crazy!!!) And I will have to say my farm is stinking amazing!! (GinGin I am glad you have gotten into it!! :))
  • I have had so much work with camps this year!! Its ridiculous the amount of camps and weeks I have had to re-work this year.
  • We had Cornerstone tryouts....let me preface this by saying its my least favorite day of the year!! Especially when all of the old ones are trying out again!! It was of the returning members wasn't selected to come back.

Well I guess that sums it up!! I will post more often now hopefully!!! :)