Monday, March 3, 2014

My Sweet Sweet Ellie

I just have to take a moment and really take it all in.  This week is the lectureships at Faulkner and Momma and Daddy always come.  Daddy always comes to see me to do the lectures and mom is Louise's savior this week and helps her :) Today Daddy brought Ellie with him to chapel.  She of course fell asleep but I just kept looking at her a just taking in how little she used to be and how grown she is now.  She woke up after chapel on the way back to my office and she was just talking to us.  In my office is a birthday balloon that I am almost positive her and her Momma brought me 2 birthdays ago! She wanted to have it and Daddy and I told her no it wasn't her birthday and she without even thinking responded, "But I will have another birthday and Wee-Wee I will be 4!" She then holds up her four fingers and counts each one of them! I am sure everyone's kids are this smart but y'all I just couldn't be more proud of her! Louise and Dirt (and everyone really) works with her on a daily basis quizzing her over something and she is taking it all in! As you can tell I am going through a "I miss Ellie being little but I am loving her age right now" moment.  I know I will feel the same about Ethan, Hayes and sweet baby shamrock but right now I just can't believe Ellie is so big.  

Ellie and I at a basketball game :)

Seriously this kid is funny.  She is 3 going on 13!!  Sassy as can be! 

This picture just warms my heart but at the same time breaks it knowing she is just not far from school....(This is a high school yearbook ad picture if I have ever seen one!)

She wanted to dress herself to go help Lolo and the boys! 

Manthy took her to get another balloon since hers popped.  Why does she look so grown up she would really love for Samantha to hurry up! 

This is a pic collage from waiting outside at Red Lobster and she wanted to take pictures on my phone....she is a hot mess poor child.  She has no personality can you tell? :)

Just messing around at a basketball game! We have a pep band that plays at the games and she LOVES them :) She will dance (white girl dancing for sure!) every time the band plays.  She absolutely loves it! 

I love this kid and I can't wait to make memories with Ethan, Hayes and baby Shamrock like these :) My cup overflows.