Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Weekend with the boys!! =)

Well the past few weeks have been crazy crazy busy! We have had visits after visits here at Faulkner and personally I had 20 visitors last week alone! So my week personally was so super busy! =) But the weekend came and boy was I in for a fun weekend!

On Friday Dirt, Nathan and I had thrown around the idea about going to watch Samantha play in the quarter finals at Andrews College in Cuthbert, GA. Louise was going to be out of town doing the Prison Ministry Workshop in Birmingham so Dirt was flying solo. :) We had all discussed it and decided that if we hurried we could all leave at 5 on the dot and get there in time to at least see the 2nd half of the game...well after texting GinGin about our plan she quickly said that would not be the case...so I started texting Nathan asking him if he could get off any earlier. He said he would see and by 4:30 he called and said he was at home and showering! I was pumped! I had talked to Dirt and he was on his way to his house so I went and got gas and went to pick up the boys. Nathan, who lives literally right behind Louise and Dirt, walked over and Dirt jumped in the car and we were off! Excited, car full of gas and Nathan driving we were officially on our way! I was so excited...Dirt was in a super good mood and Nathan was excited too! Walker was also going to the game but left earlier so he could see the whole game! (3:30 was too earlier for all of the worker bees. Man I wish so much I was still in college on days like that!)

We got there beginning of the 3rd quarter and it was soo soo soo much fun! Samantha did a GREAT job even though they did not advance in the tournament! And I must admit GinGin and Kaka were the BEST cheerleaders by far! I informed Dirt and Nathan that it would be in all of our best interest to participate in EVERY crowd cheer they did...and we all did. We sat beside Papa and Nana and Kristen. Kristen was in rare form and I was PUMPED to know she was thinking about coming back to Montgomery to pursue her cosmetology degree!! I was so so so excited! having Walker, Kristen and Samantha all in Montgomery next year will be great even if its for a semester!! :) Here are some pics I stole from GinGin...I would like for her to post the one of me and the boys if she could so I can show ya'll a visual from my weekend. Maybe thats not too much to ask Gin??? Pretty pretty please!! :) But here are a few I stole!

Here are the grandkids that went to the game minus Walker...I think he may have been in the bathroom! =)

Me and Kristen and her rockin hot new hair cut...ok well maybe not new but new to me!! I love it!

All in all it was a great night Friday night! Saturday was Scholars' Day here at Faulkner so I was up and at the school by 8 that next morning! Then after Scholars' Day, Dirt and I went to the Faulkner basketball game and Nathan came and met us when he got off. That night we (Me, Louise, Dirt and Nathan) went to try a new Mexican restaurant and I was not too impressed. Then I was exhausted and layed on Nathan's couch and fell asleep while watching a movie then headed home after it was over.

Sunday was great and Shawn, Mindy, Katie, Jessie, and Gavin were all in town for scholars day so Sunday afternoon Me, Nate and Louise went and met them at Red Lobster and it was delicious! Dirt had prison ministry Sunday afternoon and Laurie was sleeping since Sunday night we had our Young Professionals and Elders get together after church. It went over so good! It was great to get to meet all the elders and talk to them about what we want to do and our ideas we have for doing the Lord's work! It was very uplifting! All in all it was a great weekend! Sorry its so long and sorry I have not posted lately... :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I thought I would let you know...

On facebook this thing has been going around about 25 random facts about you and I thought I would write a few random facts about me for all of my blogger friends to read! So here goes nothing...it might be less than 25 or more than 25...writing it while I am at work and thinking so who knows how long it will be.

1. I work at Faulkner and I work with my 2 sisters. Everyday I am becoming more and more aware of how lucky I really am. Not only do I get to see my sisters everyday, i meet people who know other people who can hook me up...for instance today I met a guy whose neice works at Disney World and he told me whenever I was down in the area to let him know and she could get me in for free!! I mean really how great is that?????

2. I have the absolute best family ever!! My daddy was and has never been perfect but he has been the most amazing daddy ever. My mom is the most caring and giving person I have ever met...she will give everything she has to make the 3 of us girls happy and anyone else for that matter. My oldest sister is by far my biggest fan...she doesnt always agree with everything I do but I know without a doubt she loves me almost more than life itself. And last but not least my sister Louise, She is amazing...she is alot like mom in the sense that she will give everything she has and can to anyone and everyone...and she does Jail ministry and is amazing at it!

3. I have a lot of really good friends but I would say only a handful of true best friends...2 of which are my sisters...

4. I have been in 5 weddings in the past 3 years...my 5th will be in August for my friend Ashley Davis...one thing that I love about hers is I absolutely love our bridesmaids dresses.

5. I consider myself one the best present buyers ever...especially for Christmas. I listen up all year long to hear what everyone really wants and regardless of what it takes they normally get it. I love to see the faces when they open it and they are totally surprised!

6. I think Beverly Strange is one of the most amazing women and has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I've ever met. And she is really good at giving advice. =) And really good at just listening...which is nice to have sometimes instead of always having someone give their opinion on what you need to do.

7. I love reality tv...well really just the Bachelor. I am totally addicted.

8. I do not know how I would function without my TIVO/DVR. Me and my roommates lives revolve around our TV shows so its nice to be able to have a life and still catch up on TV. Its the greatest invention ever!!! =)

9. I am very OCD about my clothes and my stuff...for example my shower stuff...I know when things are moved becasue I memorize where exactly I put things so next time I can tell if its been used...I know crazy but OCD bc I don't like supplying everyone with my personal shower stuff.

10. I am one of the pickiest eaters you will ever meet. My 2 favorite foods...Pizza and Mexican! :)

11. I worked 2 years for a professional baseball team. The Montgomery Biscuits...some of the best memories and worst all in one but nonetheless some good times and good friends made!

12. I have been to Alaska and Hawaii but haven't been past louisianna and North Carolina in the mainland USA...(I know Alaska may be mainland but its stuck on the end...you get what I am trying to say...)

13. My mom had a stroke at the young age of 45. I was in Hawaii when it happened and I found out 2 days after it happened through a family email...they were trying to keep it from me til I got home so my vacation wouldn't be ruined. Good intentions but man was I upset...now looking back...they know whats best.

14. I am going to be going to England in September to visit my best friend Ashley Peebles. I absolutely can not wait! I have always wanted to go to England but ever since Louise went with the study abroad program here at Faulkner I have really wanted to go!!!

15. I am turning 24 in July and that seems so very hard to believe...seems like just yesterday I was celebrating my 16th birthday party..

16. I love green dinosaurs and yes GReen is my favorite color! =)

17. I am definitely a parent lovin girlfriend...I always have no problem getting along with the parents of the boys I date...its something about always getting along with the boys themselves. ;) This one is working out better than any other relationship has...as far as with him and his amazing family.

18. I knew I wanted to come to Faulkner since I was 7 years old and sitting in the GA recruiters lap...who at that time was Keith Mock...that tell you how long Keith has been with Faulkner?!?!? :)

19. When I graduated highschool I had a complete plan for my life...none of it has gone as planned except me graduating college in 4 years and I think that was just a flook! :)

20. I will be rich enough one day to be able to go and travel and see the world.

21. I love baseball. I majored in Sports Management and have a feeling one day I will end up working back in sports...but right now I am loving my job at Faulkner. Hopefully that will move to a job in sports...(Here's to hoping right?!?!)

22. I have recently gotten involved with scrapbooking...my boyfriends mom is amazing at it and my first full scrapbook I completed was for my mom's 50th scrapbook...and not bragging but its amazing. I could not have done anything near that without the help of Mrs. Jacki.

23. Melissa Lester and her blog and really her life in general makes me feel like I am the least domesticated person in the world...I know she deosn't try to but she is so good with everything she does!! And her blog shows it...if you don't view hers you definitely need too.

24. I have learned that you can not always be friends with everyone. As hard as you may try sometimes you just may not get along with everyone and its ok...you do not have to be friends with everyone.

25. I LOVE all types of chapstick...its kinda an obsession I have.

26. I love all things mini size. Everything is just so darn cute mini sized! (Except those MINI coopers...not a fan of those...when it comes to cars I want the full size ones! :))

27. And thats all I can think of for now...maybe I will just keep updating til I have the 100 like everyone else..I can not think of 100 random things about me! :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Weekend....

...was great! Nate and I went to Adairsville to see his parents and his sister for his sisters birthday. :) We were leaving friday right after Nate got off work so I left work about 3:30 on Friday in order to get everything I needed to get done finished up. I had to go and get her present from radio shack then I headed over to YOU NAME IT to see Brooke to get her to wrap it for Emily. While I was there I saw the cutest Southern Belle shirt that said, "When life gives you lemons, put them in your sweet tea and thank God you are a Southern Belle". How cute is that?!?!? i was a little nervous if she would like that or not but evidently she did because she wore it SAturday and Sunday!! I was excited! She was turning 15 and she is not a prissy girl by any means but she is not the tom boy girl either...so needless to say when she liked it I felt very accomplished!

The overall weekend was great and very relaxing...its always so nice to go to his house because there are never any set plans made for us. If we just want to stay in our pj's all day on Saturday and not do anything we can and its absolutely wonderful!! =) So I guess that is about it for my life...today anyways!