Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh my I am so excited!!

I can hardly stand it!! I am so anxious for everything and I can not wait to see everyone's face when they open up their presents!! That is my absolute favorite thing!!! I love watching people's faces when they are opening up my gifts. I try to be creative and I listen all year for ideas that I can use at Christmas time! And I must say I am pretty good at that, especially with my people. Laurie and Louise don't have too many surprises like they did last year but such is life...and being a grown up! I AM SUPER EXCITED ABOUT MOMMA'S GIFTS THIS YEAR!!! I absolutely can not wait!! CAN NOT WAIT!!! She is going to be so surprised and it is absolutely wonderful!!!! Ok now that I have gone on that tangent! Back to my real reason for blogging! So along with me being excited about Christmas, this past Sunday started a fun next few days filled with Christmas parties! :)

Sunday night was girls night. It was an ornament swap and it was the one year mark of our girls nights! Who would've thought a year ago when Laurie came up with this idea that it would still be going and bringing more and more Christian ladies together every month! And honestly what is better than being able to get away from everyone but your girls you go to church with and getting to know them all better! Nothing is better!! In honor of it being the 1 yr mark of girls night, we decided to have it back at Kim Isbells house again! And it was so fun!! We used all her Christmas china, and had mocha punch (or Christmas punch as some called it :)) and lots of good food! The ornament swap got interesting this year, seeing who makes alliances with who to make sure those ornaments were going home with whoever wanted them! It was hilarious!! There were quite a few ornaments that got retired! And I must say, my snow globe looking one...well it was a hit!! :) I was excited about that bc sometimes you never know if everyone will like it or not! But everyone did so I felt ok about it all!

Monday night was Laurie's partylite party! And it was GREAT!! Haley Gray is the partylite consultant that came to do the party and she did GREAT!!! It was so much fun!! Laurie, Leslie, and I (and George and Maya) all were home by lunch Monday and cleaned house and got everything ready for the party. After we got everything as clean as we could, we went and got Devin from school and come back to the house to make my very first Gingerbread House!! I was so nervous!! But so excited!! It was a interesting experience...Devin is 5 so he wanted to be involved in every little part and well I am not very crafty (I guess that runs in the family...refer to Louise's blog!). But you will see below that it turned out ok...I have another one coming that I am going to try harder to make look cute! For those of you that don't know, Leslie is our new roommate. Ashley is moving out in a few weeks and we needed for money purposes to have someone lined up so we talked to Leslie and she was wanting to move out of her situation so...BAM! We now have 2 other roommates besides Laurie and I. And we also have 2 little doggies running around my house! Which is not so great in my world but as soon as Maya gets shaved, well it will make my life alot happier! (And alot less stinky! :)) And dont get me wrong I love maya...she just has too much hair right now so she carried her stench around with her! But back to the party! Laurie ended up getting $250 worth of free partylite stuff and I am stoked about it!! I got to get my things I wanted and at half price!! I was really excited!! I feel like I am finally starting to get stuff that I will have to decorate my own house with one day! Kind of a grown up present to myself! :)

And tonight is my work party! And needless to say it should be interesting! Keith is a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas, he doesn't like to play games or anything fun. He likes to eat and give us presents then shew us on our way. This is also a date party. And Taylor, Neil, and I are the only ones bringing dates, well besides those who are married in the office, so needless to say it should be interesting! But I will have to post more about that after tonight!! And hopefully it will be better than last year but it will be hard! Last year Ashley, Shanna, and I all went to Wal-Mart and bought white sweatshirts and Christmas fabric and puff paint and made HO HO HO (Each one of us wore a HO) sweatshirts and well we were the hit of the party!! It was hilarious!! I will post that picture with the other from the party and of our Christmas tree!!! :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgvining Pictures!

Here are the Thanksgiving pictures from the Walker Family Thanksgiving :)

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Its the MOST WONDERFUL time of the year....

...And I absolutely love it soooooooooooooo MUCH!!! Everything about Christmas makes me sooo sooo happy!

But first let me tell you how fun the psat week has been!! It was the best week ever!! Mom and Dad were at the house form Sunday night to Wednesday and we had the best time!! It was so nice to be able to get up and have breakfast with mom, dad, and Laurie. It was like the old days with the exception of Louise not being there!! On Wednesday Nate and I left to go to his house for his family's thanksgiving!! It was fun and I got to meet all of (or most of) both sides of his Mom's famiy and Dad's family! It was interesting to say the least!! But it was alot of fun!! Mrs. Jacki took a bunch of pictures so I will get them from her and post them on here as soon as I can. And I also have alot of pictures from Mom and Dad being here and I will post them too!! :)

Now on to my FAVOTIRE time of the year!!! =) I just really get so excited about Christmas its like I am a little kid again!! I am so excited that Laurie and I are getting our tree tonight and putting it up so stay tuned for pictures on that too!! =) Hope everyone is enjoying this time of year as much as I am!!