Thursday, July 28, 2011

This is what I was welcomed with when I got on our cruise website! :) Oh 30 days has never felt so close but oh so far away!!! :)

This is our ship :) Our suite will be on one of the upper decks :) That's where you will find us for 7 days STRAIGHT! :)

These next few pictures are of all the places we will stop, Half Moon Cay, Bahamas; St. Thomas, USVI; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and Grand Turk :)

I can't wait to get out on these beaches!! Oh I can't wait!

Doesn't this look so amazing? :)

And I just am so excited about seeing this!!! :)

Can you tell I am really REALLY ready for the honeymoon?!?!

I absolutely can't wait!!!! :) 29 days! :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

1 month from today.....

Yep you guessed it....I get to marry by best friend....I get to wake up and go to bed every night with my love....I absolutely cannot wait for this next month! I am so excited!

As I was getting my bussell put in my dress yesterday standing there with my dress on and all the fixings made me realize just how wonderful and exciting this all really is! I get to marry the man of dreams then take a 7 day long cruise to the "exotic eastern Caribbean" (yes I stole that off the website :)) and we are staying in a ocean view suite....if you don't think I am excited you are so wrong! I have been restless at night....which could be due to the amount of stuff left I need to already have done or the fact that I need to get the rest of the thank you notes out before my next shower this weekend! But regardless we will say it's restlessness caused by excitement. :)

I was talking to some of my co-workers yesterday as I was visiting with my sweet little niece and they were asking how little miss Ellie was going to be getting down the aisle....well I will be honest, I really want her to crawl down it....she has the fastest little crawl and I think she would be absolutely precious crawling down the aisle....thoughts? (She would be the first one down the her dress wouldn't get dirty.....there would be an aisle runner down....those are things others had asked about :)) I just am so stinking excited.

I started getting all my bridesmaids presents together and I feel like I have been buying alot throughout the past 10 months but it really doesn't look that way. So with some help of some good friends I was able to find a "filler" per say that will make it look bigger and more full :)

Hotel reservations are being made, bridal tea invitations are going out and lingerie shower invites are going out! My best friend will be flying in August 11th, in time for my bachelorette weekend and some showers. All is right in my world. I get to marry the man of dreams and spend the rest of my life with him....excited just doesn't do it justice. :) Thanks for all the kindness and prayers that have been offered. :) We are truly blessed with the best friends and family 2 people can ask for!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Showers, Houses, and Wedding Bells

Well let's go back to June 18th-Father's Day weekend.....we had my shower in Valdosta and i was truly showered! They were all so wonderful and got Nate and I such wonderful gifts! We had so much fun and it was so nice to get to see all my family and Nate's family got to come down for it and meet my extended family so that was very nice! Gin-Gin, Kaka, Nana, Audrey, and Bev did such a great job with the shower and it was just wonderful to see all our friends from Valdosta!
Father's day was great it was so nice to be able to spend it with all the "fathers" in my life!

The next week started a TON of traveling for me.....left on the 23rd to go to Church of Christ day at Six Flags....was in Atlanta til midday of the 24th then booked it to Birmingham for my co-workers wedding....we had his rehearsal dinner that night so Jessica and I were booking it back so I could meet Nate to go to that. (Nate lived with Chad, my co-worker so we were invited to the rehearsal) Well on our way to Birmingham Nate called and said he was swamped and that he would not be able to make it to the rehearsal and that the wedding would be I call chad and make sure he still wants me to come even though Nate wouldn't be with me and he said yes and just to bring Jessica as my date instead! :) So we went to the rehearsal and it was so fun and we had so much fun with Barry and Tiffany! We stayed and visited with everyone for a good while then headed back to Jessica's aunt and uncle's house to stay for the night! We got up Saturday morning back the car back and headed to get our nails and toes done for my bridal pictures in Albany on Sunday.....(yes it's a roller coaster so just hold on!) After the toes and nails we change into our wedding clothes and head to the wedding! It was beautiful and I am so happy for Chad and Pam.....sitting in that wedding with Nate right beside....well to say the least that I am so excited about our wedding day is a total understatement! :)

After the wedding Jessica and I left and headed BACK to Atlanta to pick up my hair and make up girl and her daughter to go with us down to stay in Perry Saturday night and then go to my bridals with me on Sunday afternoon! I need to stop here and insert a side note....I ordered real flowers from a florist down in Perry so that Jessica's mom could pick them up on Saturday and I could have real flowers for my bridals! When we got to perry I was so excited because they were EXACTLY what I wanted for my pictures and for my actual wedding day! I was beyond happy! So back to the story....we get to Perry and Jessica's mom had went out and bought a steamer so we could steam my dress that night so it wouldn't be all wrinkled from the ride....I am beyond blessed with the most amazing friends!! We stayed up and sat in the hot tub that night for a little bit and talked and visited and it was just so nice....then we went and steamed my dress....I was totally prepared for it to take a good minute to get all the wrinkles out but that steamer was the best! It took us about 45 minutes and we were in bed and asleep! Church and lunch were great and then we were back at Jessica's house loading the car to head for Albany! I was so nervous....(I have been so nervous about everything....showers, hair, makeup, pictures, I MEAN EVERYTHING!) but we got going and I was excited.....we made it over half way there when it hit me, as it started raining, that I forgot my flowers!!! I was so I was driving so I took a few minutes and vented and then decided that plenty of people don't have flowers in their bridals and that if this was the worst thing that happened it would be just fine! So I get to my photographers house and she suggest we go to publix and just get this point I am stressed over the possibility of rain so I am just ready to get dressed and started. So Jessica being the amazing friend she is runs to publix and comes back with seriously like 6 different bouquets of flowers with my colors in it! Have I mentioned that she is like bridesmaid of the year??? Because she is!!! She has just been amazing! So my bridals went absolutely great and I wish I could show you all some but there needs to be some mystery :) But I can tell you I am oh so happy about 2 things....1 that I have my I am so much happier with a straight smile.....2 that my pictures turned out so good!

So we get back to Montgomery finally about 11 pm! Jessica drops me off and she heads to Auburn....I head to bed.....get up early Monday morning and pack again for a week of working and helping a friend move in VA.....get to work and my friend I had asked to go with me to help said that she really could go so about noon we head to VA.....and after a LONG 13 hour drive there we make it and visit for a couple minutes then get in bed! It was such a fun week of visiting and I got to see Washington, DC! I also got to visit with a couple recruits and visit some of my churches up there! It was a great week!

I get home Saturday night and go to Louise's and crash! While I was gone mom and dad and some friends from Church had come to help Laurie get her moved out of the apartment and get some of my stuff Sunday we went and got everything out of the apartment and moved everything of mine into Nate and my house! I was so EXCITED!!! Laurie and I will be staying in Laurie's fiance's (Yep you read it right....LAURIE IS ENGAGED!!! YAY!!! Couldn't be any happier and couldn't have prayed for a better man than Matt! He is exactly what she has always wanted and I couldn't have hand picked a better man for her. And he fits in perfectly in the family! :)) back to the story....we will be staying in his old house since he just bought a new house. So we got everything out of the apartment and cleaned it spotless on Monday.

Then Jessica, Nate and I got everything in the house put away...all the boxes and bags out of the house and everything washed! I was SO EXCITED!!! My house was put together and I just couldn't be any happier that it was put together in time for my people to come over for our 4th of July party! It was so fun and so so nice! We had a good time and that is when Laurie and Matt got engaged! Matt took her on the riverboat to watch the fireworks! :) He is very thoughtful!

So that has been the past 3 weeks for me!! And have I mentioned that I can't wait for August 27th?!?! It excites me to think about walking down the aisle to marry the man of my dreams and my best friend who really loves me.....flaws and all! He is a good man! And have I mentioned I absolutely love my house?!?! I will try to post pictures of it finished and I will try to post some pictures from Washington, DC later!!