Friday, May 27, 2011


Welcome to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Woodring :)

1818 St. Charles Avenue

Montgomery, AL 36107

(Yes I am a nerd I know :))

I am going to take you through a walk through of the house!

These are all the pictures before we painted :) When we get done I will update with painted pictures!
Below is the living room.....through those doors on the right is where our sun room is....I absolutely love that there is a sun room! I can just see the Christmas tree there!!! The floors are all original hard wood with the exception of the bathroom and part of the kitchen. :)

This is another view of the living room!! I absolutely LOVE those built in shelves!!! They are a nicknack heaven!! My mom would die to have those shelves in her house! :)

And for my absolute favorite part of the house.......The dining room and kitchen.....ok seriously I gave up an extra bathroom because I LOVE this kitchen and dining room so much! We I absolutely love entertaining and this dining and kitchen area will allow me to and I am really so excited!!!

Look at the gorgeous china cabinet! The guy that remodeled it took 2 china cabinets and cut them in half and put one half on the floor with the draws and one half he hung on the ceiling with built in lights.....I just absolutely ABSOLUTELY am in love with it!!!

Then this is the first view of the kitchen from the living/dining room. :) I am such a nerd I absolutely am getting excited like it's the first time as I write this!! :) Y'all I LOVE this kitchen! Love it!! It is big enough that we can have family get togethers and there is enough counter space that mom doesn't get crowded...because let's be honest she still likes to be the main cook at family affairs and well I am completely fine with it! :) I love the tall cabinets!!! I need that storage space! :)

This is the back view of the kitchen, I am standing in the back door taking this picture.....look at the pantry at the end with a counter in between the 2 tall cabinets! Isn't that great?!?!
And this is the last view of the kitchen....if you haven't picked up on it yet I love this kitchen! LOVE IT! Look at the extra counter space there on the end with all of those outlets!! Is that sad that I get excited about outlets?!?! I hate searching for outlets and having to move when you are doing stuff!

Right beside the kitchen is our room.....these rooms are nice and big which I absolutely love!! :) The closets are a little small but I thinking an amoire would be great in this room! :)

Right beside our room is the bathroom. I love love love the granite/slate tile work in the bathroom! Absolutely love it!

This is the extra bedroom! They previous owners had it as their baby's room but we will not be having one of those right now so we are definitely going to have to paint this a more neutral color! :) But again it's so big and so nice!!

And here is my other favorite part! The back yard!! It already has a swing up for Ellie to come over and play with and I already have in the works that we are going to get a swing for out here!! I just think it will be the perfect place for a back yard bbq~ And it has a fire pit and a little fountain back there! Oh I just love it!!! And I have a great friend from work who is going to help me get my yard in tip top shape!! Oh I am so excited!!!

Ok so the only thing I forgot to take pictures of is our sun room and the front of the I will do that this weekend and report back! :)

There have been so many people that have helped, prayed, painted, and a little bit of all of the above over the past few weeks and I could not have done it with out them....and most of all I couldn't have done it with out my absolutely wonderful fiance' making sure we got this house....if this is how the next forever years go I can already tell, you will not find a happier woman! I am a a lucky girl I tell ya!

So whenever you are in Montgomery come on by and see our perfect first home!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I think it's finally hitting me....

Well up until now i have felt relatively cool, calm, and collected.....then suddenly yesterday right after we signed the lease on the house (YAY WE HAVE A HOUSE.....SUPER EXCITED) hit like a TON of bricks! These are a few of the things that ran through my mind.....

  • Oh crap! Nate's parents are coming in this weekend bringing furniture and I want the house painted before they get here! (Yes all but 1 room I want to paint.....the paint in the rooms aren't bad just don't go with any of my stuff.... :))

  • We are supposed to go camping with our group this weekend..... :( That will be cut short to just one night camping for Nate and I.

  • We have to have the first months rent plus half the deposit and all of the honeymoon paid off by June 4th.....and you do not know want to know how much that is trust me!

  • Nate has to move out of his house and into our house this weekend.....

  • I have to have our storage unit cleaned out by June 1st! (Which if you are wondering there is a TON of stuff in it considering everything from our 4 bedroom house is in it since we are currently living in a one bedroom apt.)

  • We (as in Laurie and I) could possibly be moving out of our apt, which we are showing on Thursday which means a I have to go home and clean clean clean!!!

  • My work is busier than ever. And I mean busier than ever before! Of course it would be that way the summer I am getting married!

So if ya'll are keeping count that means in the next six days I must have all that done.....overwhelmed a bit?? I KNOW I AM!

Not to mention out of the 13 "summer weekends" I have 11 of them booked for either showers or's when I think about that and think about everyone wanting to have me a shower that I feel more blessed than ever and am so thankful for all the wonderful friends and family that want to have us showers. We are definitely loved!

But in that same breath I just ask for ya'lls prayers that we can get all of this worked out and for by the time my first shower gets here it is calmer around our house and everything is paid for. :) I will post house pics soon!

Monday, May 2, 2011

116 Days and counting!

Yes ma'am! It's getting down to the nitty gritty! And now I am starting to stress a little bit.....until now I have been laid back and ready for August to get here and now that it is approaching faster and faster, I am thinking....I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO! (Ok maybe I am exaggerating a little bit but I feel like the whole stinkin world is one my shoulders!)

So in the next few minutes and I am going to let you into a little bit of my world for the next 3 1/2 months!

  1. Invitations-Yep still haven't ordered them....oh wait I still haven't even picked them out! I am just at such a crossroad about them.....I don't want to spend a fortune on them but I don't want to look back and regret not getting the ones I want.....dilemma #1.

  2. Reception ideas- I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT I WANT TO DO......I have order most of the linens and such, I think. I am still up in the air at whether or not I have enough just plain white table clothes ordered. And I have absolutely no clue how I want to decorate....I don't want it to be tooo simple but I don't want it to be overwhelming either....dilemma #2

  3. Shoes- I have bought 3 pair of wedding day shoes.....Now obviously I have a TINY addiction to shoes but none the less, I still have to make a decision.....Dilemma #3

  4. Finishing up my bridesmaid gifts- I have 9 bridesmaid and all of them mean so much to me and have done so much for me over the past few months and I feel like they deserve the best....dilemma #4

  5. Groomsmen gifts- We need to figure out what color the guys ties will be....I have absolutely no clue at all! Dilemma #5

  6. Honeymoon stuff- Some would say we should probably buy our airplane tickets for the honeymoon but evidently that just hasn't been the top priority! Dilemma #6

  7. Nate's wedding gift- I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT TO GET HIM!!! I have had some good/ some a little out there ideas but none that have just jumped out at me that said "THIS IS IT!" dilemma #7

  8. My hair-I have no clue what I am going to have done to it....not a stinkin clue! Ideas are welcomed!

On another note, more exciting note.....I think Nate and I have found our first house! I am so excited and I just think it's perfect! Absolutely perfect! I couldn't be happier and he is a good man for making it happen! I will post pictures after I get to really go and take good pictures of the inside. And we are going to do a little painting too. I am so excited! the kitchen is to absolutely die for! I can see holiday dinners happening already! Oh and it has a sun room!!! RIGHT IN THE FRONT OF THE HOUSE!!!! Can't you just see a big pretty Christmas tree in the middle of the window come November 26th-ish?? :) I CAN! :)

Also I have my bridals coming up in June....I am so excited and I just know Jay is going to do a great job of making me look all dolled up and pretty! :)

And even more exciting is my first shower is June 4th in Valdosta! I can't wait! I am just so excited to get to see everyone and that means that after that shower things are going to start flying by thank goodness! So I request your prayers for me over the next 3 1/2 months that I keep my sanity and that I can just make it through work and wedding festivities with as little stress as possible! :) Thanks for listening to me vent! :)