Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My New Thing.... working with the prison ministry! I had been thinking about it for a while and decided that the next training class I would go to i did. I was a bit nervous but Louise, Dirt, Nathan and Kristen all were going too so it made me feel a little bit better! The training class was interesting to say the least!

After about 3 weeks Mrs. Karen got in touch with Louise and told her that I was good to go and I could start going with Louise when I wanted to. So I told Louise I would go with her the next time she went...well she had to fill in for someone that next week so I was on my way to my 1st trip to Tutwiler!

Well June 30th came and I was SUPER nervous! Oh man was I nervous!!! But I loaded up with Louise and Michelle Latham and we headed to Wetumpka! I was getting an ulcer I was getting so nervous! So we got there and it all started and it was GREAT (even though one woman walked up to me at the end of class and told me I looked SUPER nervous...and well I had to admit I was!!!!)!!! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Louise's lesson and putting my 2 cents in where I felt it was needed. it was wonderful! All the ladies just love all of the New Life Behavior women that come and especially "Black Molly" AKA Mrs. Elizabeth! :)

It was an amazing experience for me and I really think this is going to help me to grow stronger and delve deeper into the Bible...because those women READ THEIR BIBLE and will challenge you to everything and want to know your opinion of a verse and I don't like to be unprepared which I know sometimes you will be but I want to have some kind of knowledge! I am very encouraged by these women and please keep all of them in your prayers! Some of them have families that wont speak to them and that never have visitors so we really are all they have and we are responsible for teaching them about the Bible. So please just keep this ministry in your prayers. I am sure I will have some good stories for you later!