Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Showers, Showers, and more Showers :)

So I know these pictures are going in reverse order of which all my showers came but just bear with me and read along! :)

June 12th- Adairsville Church of Christ Shower

Before the shower Nate, Patrick (Nate's best man), and Jessica all came home and took some pictures dressed up. Patrick has been a constant in Nate and I's relationship! Everyone loves him and thinks he is so fun and so sweet. I couldn't ask for Nate to have a better friend than him. He keeps us laughing and always makes going to Adairsville so fun!

Me and Jess. I was so EXTREMELY glad she came!! She has been there through it all and I couldn't be more blessed for a best friend.

Nate and I.....I know it's a weird angle but in all the other one's Nate is sucking in and he looks awkward and I thought this one was the best one :) I love this man!

Mrs. Jacki and Ellie playing at the church this point we were just trying to keep her from crying....look at how she crosses her little legs and feet....I mean seriously she is a lady! :)

Me and Jess at the shower :)

Momma, Me and Mrs. Jacki :)

Louise, Ellie, Me and thankful they got to come over...that little girl makes my day!

Me and the hostesses

Now starts the Woodring Family Couple Shower June 11th

How cute is she?!?! I mean seriously!! :)

Louise, Me and Ellie. Boy I love them both. Lots. Even serious face she is the cutest thing! :)

Dad, Me, Nate, and Mom at the couple shower :) So glad they were all able to come for this shower too! :)

All the fam jam that was at the shower (Laurie and Matt were in TN visiting grandma)

Me and Jess at the couple shower....have I mentioned that I couldn't have been happier she came?!?! I mean really it was the best!

Me, Nate and the hostesses! They did such a good job and it was so good and so fun! We got lots of goodies! :)

Trenton Church of Christ Shower- June 5th

Me and Momma....favorite picture to date that we have ever taken together!

Me and the sisters. So glad they were both at my first shower! :)

This is my mom's side of the family that was able to come to my Trenton shower! They drove down from Jackson, TN and I was so grateful to see all of them! It meant so much to have them there! :)

Me and Mo :) This girl makes my life so much more fun! She is so much fun and I am so glad that her and her momma were able to come with us :)

This was just ONE of my cakes at the shower....I love cupcakes and really Mrs. Karen Gerber outdid herself on this! She did such a good job and the whole shower was absolutely beautiful!

Me and Michelle.....I love her and she has been amazing! I mean amazing! She has been there through everything and she truly is just part of our family. We are blessed with great friends who have become family :)

Well as you can tell I have had 3 showers already and I am leaving Friday to go down to Valdosta to have my fourth! I am so blessed and I couldn't be enjoying this time in our lives any more than I am! I have wonderful people surrounding me and I just CANNOT wait to spend the rest of my life with the most wonderful man!

If you would like to see all the pictures of all my gifts and such you can go here :http://http//

and look at all of them on facebook :) I just highlighted the pictures of people :)