Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I have decided to.....

...start a new hobby. Or just have a hobby period! :) I have always loved taking pictures and I have honestly thought before that I would LOVE to learn how to use a good camera and REALLY KNOW HOW TO USE IT, like with the lighting and settings and all that jazz! And so this weekend I had an epiphany, well Me, Michelle, and Louise all had an epiphany :), that I should look into photography classes. Michelle said that she would let me use her camera so I didn't have to buy one right out of the gate. I am so excited about it! There are a couple different classes I am looking at but I think right now, for finances and since I have ANOTHER huge chunk of money that is about to start being used (I will blog about that more in detail after I find out more details :)), I will just take the least expensive classes to just learn how to get the most use out of the Nikon D40 I will be using. :) So anyways I am very excited and I just know it will be so fun!! :) I have a feeling my portfolio will be full of a little girl named Morgan and maybe just maybe some cute pregnancy shots :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Special people Part 4 :)

So in the midst of a busy week and heart wrenching week I forgot to update about my special people!

1. Michelle Bond: She is amazing. A wonderful addition to our family here in Montgomery! She is happy, fun, and always positive! It is nice to be around people that make you want to be a better person and she is one of those. She is a excellent mommie and a loving and caring wife! I am so glad that we are friends and that she lets me vent whenever I need to :)

2. Blake Allen: He is strong, brave, and courageous! He puts his life on the line so that I can sit here and write this blog...and live in the best country in the world. He loves his wife more than words can say and would do anything for anyone. He has the biggest heart and is a family man! I could not have chosen a better guy for my best friend to marry. They just fit, like they were meant to be together. I admire Blake for all he does and how selfless he is. Thank you Blake for everything you do and putting your life on the line so that I can live in the USA.

3. Taylor Allen: She is my best friend. Period. She is amazingly strong and is one of the happiest people I know. She loves me warts and all. She is always there no matter what. She has seen the good, bad and ugly of me and still wants to be my friend...and well that speaks volumes!! She is the best wife and she will be an amazing mommie one day! I am getting kinda sad that I really only have her here for 2 more months. I am excited that she will be able to be back with Blake and have a normal family life again but I am so sad that she will be leaving me. In October they are being stationed to Germany. I am so excited for her. I know she is super excited and I am just happy and nervous for her all at the same time! I will not be excited that she will be so far away but we've made it this long something tells me distance wont be an issue for us! :) And the bright side is we will have a free place to stay when we want to go over seas!! :) Love you Tay. You are the best. Thanks for ALWAYS being there no matter what. (And thanks for washing my clothes when my dryer broke...that is really the true definition of a best friend :))

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My heart is hurting...

I have some friends I would really like all of you to remember in your prayers. They are going through some REALLY hard times right now and it just breaks my heart.

Also please remember me. I am having to make some big decisions and my heart is very heavy. I am trying to remember Romans 8:28 but it is difficult at times.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Have you ever wondered.....

If people just settled with who they are married to or are planning to marry? I can't seem to wrap my mind around that. Who would want to just play it safe instead of risking it and having something completely wonderful?!?! I feel like I have seen a lot of people who have just settled with that "safe" girl who does love them completely and fully but the feelings aren't exactly the same "over the fence- homerun feeling". They are just those "I should love her because she loves me so much...and I know she will take care of me." men and I just hate that. Do you know anyone like that?


Today is a BIG day for me....

I have a really important appointment today and I am just asking everyone to pray for me. I am very nervous and I know I shouldn't be but I am. I will update after I get back from my appointment but hopefully my fun lunch should help calm my nerves a little bit.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

3rd Edition of Special People

So here goes the 3rd Edition!
1. Gin-Gin :0) She is amazing! There is not many other words that fit her as perfectly as that does. She loves all her nieces and nephew so much and she has been an amazing aunt throughout the years. She is an amazing mother, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, and soon to be GREAT AUNT! She will be just as excited for Louise when she has her baby as Laurie and I are! :) (There will be a post to come about Jessica :) She needs her own post!) I am so blessed to have such an amazing family!

2. Weeze: the glue that holds us together. She is great. In every aspect of her life. She is preggers with my first niece....or nephew :) I look up to her so much. She is an inspiration. She is loving, patient, kind, gentle, peaceful, full of joy, faithfulness, goodness, and self control. She truly is a great example for me and everyone around her. A real life example of the virtuous woman.
Oh and she IS the funny sister :) (Just kidding Laurie :))

3. Brookers: She is beautiful. She has a heart of gold and big enough to love anyone and everyone :) She is funny. She makes me laugh when I need it. She doesn't know how important she is to so many people, including myself. She inspires me. She is creative and I am so jealous of that. (In a good way of course :)) She has endured a lot and in the end come out a better and stronger person for it. She is going to be the best older cousin to her new cousin on the way...for kicks we will call him William :) Just another amazing woman God has blessed my life with.

Again stay tuned...I have honestly had more than 3 this week but I don't want them to be super long so I will write again on Monday! :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

2nd Edition of Special People Post

So this weeks special people post will actually have 2 parts~One today and one at the end of the week!

  1. Katie Beth McCarthy! She has become one of my very best friends! She is so positive and always so uplifting! It is nice to be able to have a friend to vent to and share exciting news and her be just as excited as you are! She is amazing and I am so very blessed to have her in my life! Not to mention she has 3 of the cutest kids ever! :)

3. My Oldest Sister Laurie :) She is amazing. She absolutely amazes me by everything that she does. She always makes sure I am ok and if I am sick she always takes care of me. She lets me yell at her when I need to and lets me vent about stuff that just doesn't need to be venting to anyone other than family. I know whatever I say she is going to listen and that when I am in the wrong and need to be corrected she will correct me. It's hard to believe we have lived together for almost 5 years now. Crazy how time flies! It is nice to have someone that I can fight with and 5 minutes later be laughing and cutting up with. I am blessed beyond belief with the best BIGGEST sister ever :) Love you Laurie and thank you for everything!

Stay tuned for the next edition!!! :)