Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Little Bit of Life....

So I had intended on waiting for my wedding pictures to blog about the wedding then just start going forward with everything since but I just can't wait any longer or I will never catch up! So here goes nothing!


All of my pictures uploaded backwards of course and I am NOT going to go back and rearrange all of them....we will call this the blog o pictures :)

Below is us waiting for our plane to come home....boy was this a vacation for the record books! By far the absolute best vacation I had ever had!! We had so much fun and it was so nice it just being us....don't get me wrong I love my family oh so much and I love his family oh so much but it was a much needed break away from everyone! :)

My good sport hubby was selected to be in the Carnival Legends show that is done on the last night of the cruise....we went kareoking(if that is a word) one night and the woman in charge heard him and asked him to be in it.....yes my friends he was Elton John singing "Crockadile Rock". Have I mentioned he was such a good sport and did a FANTASTIC JOB?!?! Just one of the many things I absolutely love about him....he has an amazing voice! :)

Another shot of the hideous outfit he had to wear but hey he makes it look good right?!? :)

Here are the girls waiting for all their men to perform....all were in the show! :) These girls and their repsective significant others were hilarious! they definitely made the trip a little more interesting!

Last night at dinner.....getting sad we are about to end our honeymoon!

Watching one of the shows :) Wish I had gotten a full body shot in this shirt.....I really liked it!

Dressy night #2! So much fun! This is at dinner!

Full body shot before dinner!

out on our balcony.....we tried to take pictures out there as much as we possible could!

This is Grand Turk!!!! People this is the most beautiful place I have ever seen!!! We walked out waste deep and still see clear to our toes!! We bought a cheap underwater camera (that we still haven't developed...that's for another blog) so I will have to put those up of us snorkling here! This is Governors Beach! (Oh to have those tan legs back!)

This is Me and Misty at Margaritaville! Her and her husband were married on the same day we were and they were our dinner mates? (Is that the right word??)

and this is Nate and Nate.....weird right? His name was Nate too....it was funny how many similarities we had with them! :)

This is Nate and I on Governors Beach!!! It was so pretty and all my bathing suits are strapless so it looks like I am naked in a lot of these pictures! :)

Us on our way to Governor's Beach!

Our wrist bands! :)

First getting on the island! Ya'll it's absolutely beautiful there....for real! If you get a chance to go you definitely should!!!

Right when we stepped off the boat!

Hadn't even changed into my swimsuit yet....just crawled out of bed to see the beginning of the island!

To waste some time we went up to the top deck and played some putt putt golf! Nate was the winner.....

Woo that hair was all over the place up there.....you talk about a tangled mess! It was crazy!

This is Nate and I at San Juan! It was a very touristy town....this was the only "beach" there was and it wasn't very beachy!

Another picture of us in San Juan! :)

Another shot of us in San Juan! It was definitely pretty there!

Our table's group picture....can you tell we really liked our table mates? :)

On the tour bus to see the old city of San Juan! :)

Our little group that went on the sight seeing tour together :)

Nate and I in front of the capital building in San Juan!

This was another night at dinner.....it was so good until a woman walked by and dropped a whole tray of food and me and Nate.....if you were wondering the glass stuff they use is heavy....but we laughed and the woman felt so bad....but they dry cleaned our clothes so it was nice! :)

This is St. Thomas......boy it was so pretty!

I mean seriously Nate and I both decided we wanted to take a full vacation at St. Thomas! Definitely recommend it!

Did I mention St. Thomas was absolutely beautiful??!?

I mean seriously beautiful!

This is right before we went parasailing.......

First view of St. Thomas!

Nate singing at kareoke! :)

Dressy night number 1!! So much fun!!!

Close up shot of me and Nate! :)

Stair view of us! :)

One night on our balcony!! :)

Our only shot we didn't get professionally done! (And yes I am still mad that I let my loving hubby talk me out of buying it! :))

This is me in front of the Disney Dream!!! Michelle, Louise Laurie.....are ya'll ready to go yet?!!? Because after looking at this ship I CAN NOT WAIT!!! :)

We just got off the boat in the Bahamas! :) We were so excited!!!

First night on the boat!! So excited about dinner!

Me balancing the checkbook :) Fun start to our honeymoon right?!?

Nate enjoying the scenary in Miami :)

Waiting in line to get on the boat :)

On the plane headed to Miami!! :0

first picture after the wedding! :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

My Sweet Niece is ONE!!!

Happy Birthday Sweet Ellie! I can't believe you are ONE today!!! I remember how your momma and daddy told us we were going to Aunt's! Your mom got all creative on us and made this cute home made card and I can remember thinking I am so excited and how i have prayed for this day and maybe even got the prison ministry people to pray for you too! :) But skip ahead 9 LONG months to the day you were born.

Oh how I remember sitting in the waiting room with all your grandparents and your aunt! Boy LaLa and I were so excited we could hardly stand it! Your mom gave us STRICT instructions to NOT wait outside the door so your LoLo made sure we didn't.....but LoLo couldn't stop us from "accidentally" walking by your momma's door and listening in. :) (Your mom may not even know that :)) But boy how happy we were when we got the news from your daddy with a picture text of your cute little self! Oh we were all filled with tears of joy!! We were so happy you were here safe and sound and your mommy did so good! Sooo many prayers were said that day by me, LaLa, LoLo, Mudge, MawMaw, Pawpaw and sooo many more! And still to this day you are always in my prayers and I am sure everyone else's too!

Ellie Jones you have brought more happiness to our family and to everyone you come in contact with! Your happiness radiates and I can't wait to continue to watch you grow up.

You have the most awesome mommy ever. Seriously. You will not find a better person than her. I know you won't figure this out for a long time but seriously she is the most wonderful mother/sister/wife I know. :) And your daddy well he is quite the mess :) He was my first brother and has been absolutely wonderful! He loves you to death little miss and let me tell you....I dread the first time you bring a boy to meet them! Oh my it's going to be a day you need to call your Leigh Leigh and she will come help! :) But your mommy and daddy have given your Uncle Nate and I a great example to follow as Christians and as husband and wife and maybe one day mother and father! ! :)

These are just a few pictures from the past year that I absolutely love and of people who absolutely love you! :) Happy Birthday sweet girl! You are loved more than you know!

(Excuse the pictures they are terribly out of order! :)

Michelle or Shell as you will probably call her thought you were the PERFECT little sister for Morgan! :)

Morgan thought so too! :)

Lolo and Ellie swimming! She loves the pool!

Your Leigh Leigh and LaLa love you so much!!!

You are the sweetest most precious thing!

I love this picture! :)

Your Uncle Nate loves you and Morgan so much! :) You gave him baby fever! :)

Ellie you were so precious at my wedding! I was so happy to have you in it!!

You weren't really stoked about sitting upfront with your daddy though :) So MawMaw to the rescue! :)

Oh your LaLa loves you so much! She swears her heart has grown 3 sizes bigger since you came along! :)

Your first beach trip! You loved the pool and didn't hate the ocean but I think you will love it more next year! :)

All the girls of the Walker side of the family! :)

You are mommy rotten to the core!! But sweet as sugar!

And oooh girl I just love that sweet little chubby face!

Again your La thinks you're the greatest thing since sliced bread!

You are so silly sometimes! I love it when you play back with us! :)

This look I just love so so much!!! I mean seriously you couldn't be any cuter!

You were quite the little model for us that weekend!

I love that innocent smile! :)

This was a photo shoot your mommy and I did for your daddy's first fathers day! :) Titus loves you....a lot! :)

Still this might be my all time favorite picture of you!!! Pure happiness!

Dr. Price took this picture of us at the Relay for Life in May! Just a few short months ago you didn't have that much hair! Now it's in your eyes!! :)

That's it I'm texting grandma! :)

MawMaw and PawPaw love you so much too! :) They have been down quite a bit since you were born! :)

Oh your Gin Gin can't get enough of you! I got your some cabbage patch kids :) QVC special :)

Your Nana and Papa love you too!

Oh and your Mudge just thinks you are the greatest!

Sweet girl :)

Your Mudge and LoLo

Your LoLo loves you so much!

You were so little!

We were so excited.....your momma on the other hand....she was worn out!

This was right before your momma was admitted! Oh we were so excited!