Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some Special People (part 1)

So last night after I was woke up at 2 A.M., I couldn't go right back to sleep so I started thinking about a good new blog that would be positive instead of negative, which at the time I was SOOO thinking negative! :) I decided that I was going to write a series of blogs about special people in my life that really just make my life better because they are in it. I am going to do one of these each week to reflect who has really impacted my life that week. :) So here are this weeks!

  1. Kinsley Fipps (And Jenn :)) She is so so so funny and so happy!! She is content to just be passed around because everyone wants to hold her and she just makes me smile! I am so glad I have been able to get to know Jenn and Corey and little Miss Kinsley :) And look at that cute can you not love her?!?!
2. Morgan Ann :) This little girl makes me smile like none other! I can be having an awful day and just seeing that sweet little smile she gets when she sees someone she recognizes just makes my day! She is so happy and so fun! I hope I have a little girl that is as out going as her at 1! :) And that smile makes my heart melt! And if you ask her momma or really anyone that has been around us...she knows she can come to Aunt Leigh Leigh and get what she wants :)

3. Seth Jones I could write a novel about this guy...He came to Faulkner the year after I did and we became friends...the friendship grew and grew and before long we were best friends. He became the person I talked to about everything because I knew he wasn't judging me. Well 2 years later he left and I was so sad. Well we kept in touch and he has come back to Faulkner this past fall so he could finish up. I was so excited. He is just one of those people that it is hard to be in a bad mood around. And he will do everything in his will to try and make me feel better and laugh! And most of the time he succeeds!

4. My Nate :) Last but certainly not least is Nathan :) He has been great this week. He has just listened to me vent and that is so nice. Sometimes I don't want advice on how to handle things I just want to vent! A lot of people don't understand that and so it's a little frustrating at times but I know that sometimes that is why people vent. But I love him for putting up with my moods and mean words sometimes and still loving me back :) I am a pretty lucky girl.

So stay tuned for next week special people :)

(And please don't be offended if you didnt make this weeks post! I just don't want to have a NOVEL for everyone to have to read...and they won't come back for more. :))

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I absolutely HATE being sick! I hate it hate it hate hate it!!! But last Tuesday I woke up with the worse feeling throat and I thought...oh it will be fine..I have a little cold and in a couple of days I will kick it! Nothing too serious that would keep me down and out! Little did I know then....

So Tuesday about 10 I came on in to work because it was coming up on one of our biggest scholarship days and there was stuff that needed to be done....well after being here for just a short while and talking to Keith we decided I would just take the rest of the day. So I took the rest of the day and Nana and Papa were in town so I spent the afternoon with them and Louise, she took off also! :) It was fun and I didn't feel all that bad by this time....that soon would pass.

Wednesday I woke up and it wasn't really any better so I decided just to stay in bed and get better.

Thursday I woke up and decided I would try to make it at least half a day and so I came in work at about 11. That day was pretty productive getting everything ready for Scholars Day.

We had a snow day on Friday so I was taking that day to my advantage and getting some extra rest. And I did just that...I stayed in bed a majority of the day and still felt horrible.

Well Saturday morning rolled around and I got up to get a shower and got that "feeling". That feeling I know oh too well from before of the "I'm about to pass out in the shower" feeling and just wishing I had brought my phone in the bathroom with would think that I would have learned my lesson the last time but NO! So I sit down and open the shower curtain to get some fresh air...and well lets just say that passing out didn't happen but I would've rathered that then throw up...which happened next. That was it for stubbornness had subsided and I was ready to go to the dr. So as soon as Laurie got home I got ready and we went to try to go to the dr. Well NONE of them opened before 9. So we went back home and I crawled back in bed til 8:45. We got there right as it opened and well IT WAS PACKED and HOT in the waiting room. I was in 3 layers and before long I got "that feeling" again and started striping off layers in the waiting room. At first I thought I was going to pass out and all I wanted to do was lay on the floor and well Laurie was NOT going to let me lay on that nasty floor. And besides if I passed out maybe that would move me ahead in the line right?!?! Sometimes you just gotta take one for the team!! After the pass out phase passed, I knew what was coming next. I was trying to scan the room for a bathroom and the only one was OUT OF ORDER! GREAT! Just my luck! So then Laurie gets up and and starts yelling at the ladies to get her a blue bag...I was about to throw up and I needed it. So finally I got my blue bag and luckily...if that works here...I just had dry heaves...which well still hurts just as bad and is still just as embarrassing!

Finally we got called back and the woman was so nice. The temperature difference was about 20 degrees cooler in the back than in the front. It was a nice change of pace except I was having chills now. So we get back to the "symptoms room" as I like to call it. She ask me when my last cycle was and on my birth control I have very light to none every month. (In case you are wondering...No it never worries me because I know that is what it's supposed to do AND I'M NOT HAVING SEX...That is a key point here...but I guess most single 24 yr olds are :)) And I go over all my symptoms; sore throat, a little nauseated from the drainage, headache, and a very low temperature for a day. She looks at me kinda funny and ask, "Are you pregnant?" Well me and Laurie both laugh. I look at her and say, "If I am I know a couple people that are going to be pretty ticked! My boyfriend for starters!! And NOT because its his!!" She laughs and we go on talking about my symptoms...and she looks at me again and says, "ARE YOU SURE YOU AREN'T PREGNANT??" By this point I am like YES I AM SURE I AM NOT PREGNANT!....and Laurie is sitting there saying, "Leigh if you are this is a VERY BAD way and weekend to tell me!! :)".

So finally after I get that through her head we get to go to a room. She comes in the room and says someone will be with us shortly to take blood. My face went white...I was a little panicked since the last time we were at pri-med and had to have blood taken the guy that TRIED to get it, TRIED 6 TIMES AND STILL COULDN'T!! I was in so much pain and miserable! But this time I was just hoping it was a girl...and about that time she walked back in and said it would be her that was going to be taking the blood. I was still nervous but I just looked the other way and she got it on the first try. :) I was REALLY happy about that! A few minutes passed and the Dr. came in and told me that the blood samples came back fine and it looked and sounded like I had an upper respiratory infection....(side note here is that this SAME TIME LAST YEAR-Valentines day-I had this SAME THING!!)...and that I needed to get my prescription and be in bed for the next 48 hrs. So that is exactly what I did. :)

So fast forward to say that I am finally back among the land of the living and feeling ok today. ;)
Just thought some of you might enjoy that little story :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Blog I've Wanted to Write for a LONG Time! :)

Well it's been a long time coming for this blog! I am so excited I just can't hardly stand it! So let me just start from the beginning!

This past month has been crazy for me! I have been getting over Christmas, and preparing for Jewels. It's an all girls youth rally that Faulkner hosts, that I have to plan every detail with the tremendous help of my co workers Erin and Molly! It was the weekend of the 22nd. That took every bit of my focus! In the midst of that, my best friend Taylor's husband came home from Afghanistan. Saturday the 30th was spent cleaning to get my house back to where I could live in it! So on Sunday the 31st it was going to be just as busy! Nathan and I left right after church Sunday morning and went to Newnan to meet his parents and sister for his sisters birthday lunch! We got there and ate at Ruby Tuesday then walked around and shopped for alittle bit with them, then it was back to Montgomery. :) We got back just in time to make it for church.
Mom and Dad had come in to spend a few days with us and celebrate Louise's birthday! Dad and Dirt walked into church and mom, Laurie, and Louise were all trying to finish up a 31 party that Laurie had that Sunday afternoon. (They all walked in a few minutes later! :)) So after church we decided that we would go to Jason's Deli (Louise's favorite restaurant) to eat. It was fun and Seth, Kesha, and Devin joined us for dinner! After dinner we went to Louise's house and just hung out for a little bit. After everyone left, the family was just sitting there and Laurie and I were about to leave. Louise got up and said she had been working on a new project and she wanted us to look at them. At that point I wasn't thinking anything was up because Louise is crafty and creative and always trying new things. So we all get our card (attached below!) and all start reading it....I look around and see Mom and Laurie's faces and I just scream at Louise.... "ARE YOU KIDDING ME????" And at that point I knew she wasn't! I was so excited....I started crying, of course, and just hugged her and Dirt! She was very creative with the way she told us!

So now is part to gush about how spoiled this precious child is going to be and where I ask you all to keep Louise, Dirt and our precious new baby in your prayers! Our parents have told us from the beginning that they were praying for us before we were ever thought of and I know that is true. And i know Louise and Dirt have been praying for this little one! Louise is going to be the BEST mommy and we have all known it since she was about 12 and babysitting. She was meant to be a mom! :) If there were ever 2 people that were made to be parents, they are it. they are precious with Morgan and I know that no matter what sex, they will be so excited!! (Even though I selfishly REALLY want a little girl!! :))
These are just a few pictures that I think are appropriate!
This is totally Louise's child!
And I just thought this was too cute :)
This is where he is his father's child! LOL
And well this is fitting because this will be the closest holiday to his/her birthday!! :)

SO there is my BIG news!!! I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNT!!! YAY!!